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The CRM apps of Microsoft Dynamics 365 cover all aspects of the relationship management process. Being with customers, suppliers, or partners, the solution holds together the communication history and data and provides for optimal service and delivery of the superior experience. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 apps for Marketing, Sales, Project Service Automation, Customer Service, and Field Service go beyond the boundaries of a traditional relationship management system as it is a cloud-based platform constantly evolving with new functionalities and endless integration capabilities.

CRM apps for your organization

Turn relationships into revenue

Explore the rich functionalities of the four CRM apps and deliver the personal attention that builds relationships and revenue.


Help salespeople become more productive and focused on what matters – closing deals.

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Customer Service

Win the trust and loyalty of prospects and customers by providing individual and proactive approach to each of them.

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Field Service

Optimize your expenses while reducing operational costs with the specialized app for Field Service.

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Plan and manage efficiently

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM apps guarantee transparency and optimal decisions based on detailed reports and analyses, interactive graphs and tables.


Increase the number and quality of potential deals by managing the generated leads and the communication within the Sales department.


Prepare seamlessly real time reports. Have a complete overview of the marketing activities and measure their efficiency (ROMI) on the basis of various KPIs.

Answer any question

Make sure all your employees respond to any enquiry and deliver high quality services with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM apps.


Customer Service Professional

Starts from€ 46.80$ 50.00

per user/month

Field Service

Starts from€ 88.90$ 95.00

per user/month


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