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Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the next generation of business solutions enabling organizations to grow, evolve and succeed. These solutions unify CRM and ERP capabilities by the means of integrated business-ready mobile apps, collaborating seamlessly together and assisting organizations in the management of all their activities: Sales, Marketing, Finance, Manufacturing, Distribution, SCM, Customer Service, Field Service, Project Management, and many other Operations.

Everything your growing business needs

Apps for every aspect of your business

Run your entire business with intuitive applications that work seamlessly together in the cloud.


Increase revenue and reduce acquisition cost using CRM data and intelligent insights.

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Customer service

Minimize efforts, address issues quickly, and deliver more personalized service.

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Finance and Operations

Improve planning and execution of manufacturing, financial, retail and other operations to stay ahead of competition.

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Field service

Optimize schedules, allocate resources, and simplify dispatching for field service companies.

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Project service automation

Schedule properly time, people and other resources and work efficiently through automation technology.

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Unify your sales and marketing to connect customer experiences at every interaction with Adobe Marketing Cloud.


Boost loyalty and sales by engaging customers through cross-channel technology and personalized shopping experiences.

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The human capital management solution that you need to hire and retain the right people.

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Start with what
you need

Use apps that follow the specificity of each roles, business and industry.

Achieve greater efficiency

Combine structured workflow of business tools and processes with the unstructured work of collaboration and productivity.

Get instant

Take advantage of the built-in Intelligence tools that help you transform data into actions.


The nimble, adaptable applications allow you to compose, modify and extend processes in real-time, without IT.

It’s a lot more than ERP and CRM in one

Dynamics 365 is much more than a traditional enterprise resource planning and a customer relationship management system in one. Power BI – the most widely deployed business intelligence tool in the world, and Cortana Intelligence – the AI that creates predictive models and foresees (customer) behavior, are natively embedded to help companies achieve their goals with insights, advice and actionable next steps.

PowerApps Flow PowerBI

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What’s more, there’s deep integration between Dynamics 365 and Office 365, bringing the two worlds of business process and personal productivity together. Employees have been used to be the point of integration between processes and routines like emails, spreadsheets and word processing tools. This meant lot of time flipping between apps and a lot of cutting/pasting activities. Everything is changed now!

The solution includes even more:

  • LinkedIn – thrive with the largest business-oriented social networking service embedded in Dynamics 365 for Microsoft Relationship Sales.
  • PowerApps and Flow – create workflows and apps without knowing how to code.
  • AppSource – browse a virtual store and download apps for Dynamics 365, Power BI, Office 365, Azure.


The prices above are for Microsoft Dynamics 365 as a cloud service.
For on-premise licensing, please contact us.

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