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In a dynamic world with quickly morphing market trends, customer experience means everything. Successful companies place the customer in the center of the retail operations to achieve sustainable growth.

Balance between the new norm and service quality

Retailers are struggling to balance between smooth business operations, resolving issues with stock availability and the supply chain while increasing service quality, and developing customer relationships.

Unite processes and software

Investment in the right technology and control of all your business processes from POS to ERP are essential to retail agility and resilience for the modern store to help decision-makers mend and prepare for disruptions.

Unite online and physical stores

Post-pandemic buyer behaviors shift into new habits and preferences. Over 75% of shoppers are satisfied with both in-store and online shopping experience. Retailers invest in more self-service technology.

The next norm: Unified commerce for the customer

Conventional and modern channels

In store
Store all your data in a Single Source of Truth
Contact Center
Multiple processing capabilities at hand
Worldwide accessible store
Reach traditional & emerging markets
Connect with customers via social media channels
Transform shopping experience with conversational commerce

Our Retail for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central:

Designed for your business

Our Retail for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solution is an all-in-one software management system that enables businesses to successfully cater to the specific requirements that the retail industry needs to thrive.

In fact, our Retail for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solution is one of the core pieces you should use to meet the growing customer demands and deliver on your omni-channel sales strategy.

Retailers can leverage Microsoft technology and our tailored solutions to transform the customer shopping experience and manage all business operations through a single, unified platform.

It is the right tool for small and mid-sized retailers with up to 30 shops or wholesalers that operate stores with POS devices.

The solution is certified and available in Microsoft AppSource.

We at Intelligent Systems understand the key challenges in operating a retail business and we believe software is the solution that makes your business better.

Our portfolio consists of completed projects for retail companies operating more than 1000 stores and 2500 POS devices in over 35 countries gaining considerable knowledge and experience to meet customer demands and solve software pains.

Retail for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

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Retail for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

A software solution that meets your industry needs

Clothing & Shoes

Clothing & Shoes



Home appliances & Electronics

Home appliances
& Electronics

Furniture & DIY

Furniture & DIY

Cosmetics and Drugstore

& Drugstore



LS Central for retailers with more than 30 shops

For enterprises, and bigger retail businesses, Intelligent Systems is among the global leaders in delivering
LS Central (the most popular Dynamics 365 Business Central–based solution) from stores to head office, from POS
through the warehouse and merchandising.

Companies with versions of LS Central onward of 2015 are able to access LS Insight – a cloud-based Business Intelligence
functionality made specifically for retail businesses – for free.

Intelligent Systems has been part of the LS Retail partner network since 2007 and in 2020 was recognized as its
Gold partner. Intelligent Systems developed a number of extensions for LS Central.

Transform the shopping experience

Integrate technological innovations to expand business operations and personalize customer shopping experiences.

  • Store & POS management – POS layout, look, and functionality are fully configurable
  • Mobilize sales associates with mobile/tablet POS to provide personalized service to customers
  • Work with customized item promotions managed from HQ and have pop-up discount reminders on cashier POS
  • Manage inventory levels and replenish stock through central warehouse or directly from the vendors
  • Manage inbound/outbound stock transfers to and from other business locations
  • Integrate your B2B/ B2C e-commerce platform on top of the Retail for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP solution in a truly unified commerce manner
  • Publish your Retail for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central inventory items along with images, description, specifications, attributes, units of measure and availability to your online platform
  • Maintain standard pricelists but can also visualize custom (client specific) prices, discounts levels and promotions
  • Sync orders and customers to the unified ERP database with info also available on store POS
  • Manage loyalty programs, identify and reward returning customers
  • Flexible in-store pickup, delivery, and returns options
  • Integrate with emerging technology innovations to further scale your operations and attract customers with tailored shopping experiences
  • Install a footfall people counter system at your store to help you understand the behavior of your customers in-store and reorganize the layout and staffing capability to maximize ROI
  • Use biometric data readers to capture visitors’ profiles and display tailored ads on screens nearby for goods that they might be more inclined to purchase
  • Enhance the customer experience by organizing in-store events with AR/VR technology
  • Make use of AI technology like self-checkout and service robots that recognize speech and interact with customers to help customers limit unnecessary contact with staff and queues
  • Retail for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central leverages the fundamental functionality embedded within the core Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP and expands it with specific functionality to cater to the retail industry requirements
  • Streamline your finances and get accurate visibility into the overall performance of your business
  • Receive up-to-date stock levels at all locations and manage warehouse activities with mobile devices
  • Manage a comprehensive product framework: additional attributes like color and sizes, and product variants with barcodes
  • Create intricate loyalty programs and member management policies to reward active customers
  • Centrally manage pricing and promotions like mix & match, 2 for 1, seasonal discounts across all channels
  • Work with custom coupons, vouchers, and gift cards
  • Replenish stock levels across all locations according to actual demand and expected trend with planning functionality based on various methods like average daily sales and min/max quantity while also considering seasonality spikes
  • Retailers can utilize the specialized Microsoft Power BI solution to analyze the results from all business operations and build a business strategy around the leading Retail KPIs. This way you can shape your offerings to build customer loyalty, deliver on your brand promise and ultimately, increase profitability
  • Microsoft Power BI uses the same technology as the Microsoft ERP system hence data extraction and database connection is native
  • Gain insight on Retail Sales: analyze all sales and derive results per product and quantity, staff, profit, basket values, returns, and discount
  • Calculate average sales per store or per square meter
  • Identify purchasing habits of customers and create personalized shopping experiences
  • Pinpoint the largest grossing items and eliminate high-effort, low profit initiatives
Since the implementation of our ERP system, the cooperation is very smooth and I can affirm that Intelligent Systems is a great company, capable of delivering complex projects according to the initial agreed scope, time and budget; while their team is formed of talented professionals which are not only IT specialists but also real business consultants.

George Toader

IT & Project Manager, Gebr. Heinemann

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