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Often when a retailer is starting business with a shop or two, he only needs basic software to manage
sales, accounting and warehouse activities. However, when business is growing and the number of stores and POS increasing,
it’s better to invest in an ERP system, rather than replace a specific piece of the fragmented
software “ecosystem”. Yes, it’s tempting to take that approach but have in mind that waiting too long to get
a comprehensive solution will give you headaches. Managing operations across
several locations through barely integrated software products is quite challenging, and
running and supporting diverse pieces of software is rather costly and ineffective in the long-term.

Our offering

Having delivered Microsoft Dynamics projects to retail customers in more than 35 countries, our team has attained considerable knowledge and experience in the sector. We are confident we will provide the best solution for your needs, regardless of where you operate.

Intelligent Systems offers Dynamics 365 Commerce (previously known as Dynamics 365 Retail), a comprehensive Microsoft solution that offers smarter, connected retail experiences. Dynamics 365 Commerce enables all facets of smarter retail, including digital commerce, flexible omnichannel experience, and others. The solution is suitable for retailers with operations in multiple countries.

LS RetailFor smaller retail businesses, Intelligent Systems is among the global leaders in delivering LS Central (the most popular Dynamics 365 Business Centralbased solution) from stores to head office, from POS through warehouse and merchandising. Companies with versions of LS Central onward of 2015 are able to access LS Insight – a cloud-based Business Intelligence functionality made specifically for retail businesses – for free.

Not sure which one is the solution your retail business needs? Take advantage of our 3-day assessment and we will help you find the right fit.

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Industry benefits

  • Enhanced sales processes and their financial reporting – from each store to the head office
  • Optimized warehouse and inventory management activities
  • Limited thefts and losses
  • Significant reduction of manual operations
  • Reduced queue time and increased customer satisfaction rate
  • Provision of quality service via various communication channels
  • Management of complex transactions, special offers and coupons, loyalty programs, etc.
  • Management and follow-up of marketing campaigns
  • Enhanced planning and forecasting
  • Real-time reports and monitoring of KPIs

Intelligent Systems knows our business operations and requirements so well that it only takes up to 15 days to deploy Microsoft Dynamics solution within a new country, and less than 3 days to integrate it within a new store.

Nihan Ersoy LC Waikiki

Nihan Ersoy

Project Manager, LC Waikiki

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