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Dynamics 365 Business Central, previously known as Microsoft Dynamics NAV (or Navision), is an all-in-one business management solution, designed for organizations who have outgrown their initial accounting software. As a successor of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Dynamics 365 Business Central brings rich functionalities together with the flexibility of the Cloud, though of course, an on-prem version is available to those who prefer it. It includes a full stack of accounting and financial management capabilities, as well as sales, marketing and service module, project management, supply chain, inventory and operations management.

Do you want to know what the main differences between the different Dynamics NAV versions and Dynamics 365 Business Central are? Check out our side-to-side comparison:

A Dynamics product

dynamics 365 business central

What you need to know about cloud technology 

Many companies are making the leap from an on-prem solution to a cloud one. Whether you’re looking to upgrade or are still in the process of choosing the right solution, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform has indisputable qualities – it’s for a reason that 96 % of Fortune 500 companies are using cloud technology from Microsoft. And now that Dynamics 365 Business Central’s cloud version has arrived in your country, you can take advantage too. 

According to Microsoft, choosing the cloud eliminates hardware and administration expenses, leading to an estimated 30 to 50 % reduction in deployment costs. 

  • Lower total cost of ownership 
  • No additional products from third parties 
  • No additional fees for updates 
  • No additional pay for enhancement plan towards Microsoft

Dynamics 365 Business Central provides you with new opportunities to secure your data and excludes the possibility of potential hardware issues. 

  • Ready compliance with industry standards 
  • Microsoft invests more than $1B a year and employs more than 3500 security experts to protect your information.   
  • Guaranteed 99.995 % uptime with Microsoft Azure 

The cloud lets you integrate a wide array of apps and solutions effortlessly. Connect Dynamics 365 products and more with your ERP solution to achieve your full potential: 

  • Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite of applications 
  • Integration with other Microsoft products such as Office 365, Teams, SharePoint, and more 
  • Integration with third-party apps 

Fulfills your company’s needs

Dynamics 365 Business Central’s rich functionality provides endless possibilities for enhancement of performance.

Financial Management

Have all data across accounting, sales, inventory, purchasing, and customer service to get a full overview of your business. Chart real-time financial performance with the built-in Power BI dashboards.

Project Management

Manage resource levels by planning capacity and sales. Track invoicing for customers against planned costs. Make effective decisions with real-time insight on all project statuses.

Operations Management

Get a holistic view of inventory for efficient order fulfillment. Track every item transaction and movement, while reaching optimal output levels.

Reporting and Analytics

Refine financial forecasts by modeling and analyzing data across multiple dimensions. Customize reports with seamless Microsoft Excel integration.

Supply Chain Management

Use built-in intelligence to predict when and what to replenish. Purchase only what you need with dynamically updated inventory levels. Suggest substitutes when requested items are out of stock.

Sales and Service Management

Act quickly on sales-related inquiries, manage service requests, and process payments—all from within Outlook. Access an overview of your tasks, workloads and employee skills to effectively assign resources.


A single Microsoft platform

Dynamics 365 Business Central unifies people and process through its use of a single Microsoft platform, along with Microsoft Office and Outlook applications.

Mobile experience

Business no longer happens in one place and customer demands change constantly. Dynamics 365 Business Central enables the use of the core ERP functionalities on mobile devices.


Each organization is unique and so is extending their solution. Microsoft Flow, PowerApps, Power BI allow for meaningful workflows and enhanced knowledge across the company.

BI for everyone

Better productivity is essential and this is what Business Central is all about. It delivers compelling reports and analyses that suggest business process improvements and streamline decision-making.

Business Central for your industry

Dynamics 365 Business Central is designed to meet the needs of any industry. Our team has developed significant expertise within companies of different backgrounds, such as: 

Dynamics NAV industries

You are a…

You can kick start your business with a reliable ERP platform to help you track your everyday operations. You pay for what you use – no additional costs, no hardware investment – we take care of your IT issues so you can focus on your main business.

Is your business growing fast so far? Great. We believe you would like to focus on its business strategy development so you make it successful. Now is the time when you have probably outgrown your initial accounting software and need a robust technology to manage this rapid business growth. Yes, we can help.

Your business is expanding and you probably face a number of challenges in your work like errors due to manual data entry, duplicate data, lack of reliable information and correct reports, or some security issues. Well, this is definitely a good time to start your company’s digital transformation journey. Get rid of all the unconnected systems that rather interrupt your people in their work than helping them be effective. Choose a solution that is recognized by more than 160 000 mid-sized and enterprise customers worldwide and get full advantage of its rich functionalities and valuable know-how. This would not only put your business operations in order but would also bring some new business opportunities and ideas.



Starts from€ 93.60$ 100.00

Includes Essential plus:

  • Service Management
  • Manufacturing

The prices above are for Dynamics 365 Business Central as a cloud service.
For on-premise licensing, please contact us.
The cost of the solution has 2 main components – licenses and implementation. The licenses can either be a one-time purchase or used on a monthly subscription basis. The cost of the implementation services varies depending on the customer’s requirements.

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