Construction and project management companies know that every project goes through dynamic changes.
From the initial offer management to budgeting and tracking the project’s execution,
a huge amount of data is spread out onto different software. It is hard to manage and
in constant need of actualization. This leads to lower efficiency
and complex cost control.


Our offering

Intelligent Systems presents Construction for Dynamics 365: a specialized software solution for construction and project management companies. It offers flexible instruments and project management methods throughout the entire cycle: project bidding, planning, execution and management. This allows for a more effective distribution and management of time, machinery, resources and employees. Construction for Dynamics 365 requires a minimum of twenty users.

 You can now find Construction for Dynamics 365 on AppSource.

project bidding

Project Bidding







From step one, Construction for Dynamics 365 does the math for you: based on standard costs and analyses, the software calculates what your cost proposal should be. The solution can be fully integrated with the Microsoft package. This allows you to import the bill of quantity directly from Excel. Construction for Dynamics 365 automates the preparation of your bid according to standard or internal estimates, helping you make the right call from the beginning. Last but not least, you can compare the bill of quantity and your real time costs at any point later in the project.

Whether you work with subcontractors or your own construction teams, your operating budget in Construction for Dynamics 365 is fully personalized for your needs. Accounting, cost estimation and other financial operations are fully automated. With the functionality for automatic purchasing of required material, you can easily buy or transfer material from the warehouse to the construction site in accordance with the bill of quantity. The integration with Microsoft Project allows you to import your time schedule, but you can also make one in the solution itself. With Construction for Dynamics 365, you can manage and track both labor and machinery in your current projects.

The automatization of accounting and finance, the tracking of each aspect of your projects and the option to revise your schedule and budget at any time allows you to be flexible when it comes to decision-making and project management. Furthermore, the system allows you to upload data on the go, allowing project managers to update information from construction sites in real time. Management of the outgoing or incoming cash flow is easier, while tracking machinery, employees and material helps you control the process thoroughly. You can appoint tasks to subtractors as per the bill of quantity. Subsequently, subtractors can charge you or you can charge the investor automatically.
Construction for Dynamics 365 allows you to manage and track all activities automatically: contract management with both investors and subtractors, track your own resources and teams or those that belong to subtractors, analyze KPIs and produce invoices. The system guarantees compliance with company procedures and quality policies. Through the integration with Accounting, Procurement, Human Resources and Warehouse Management, the company obtains a full overview of each project. Thus, it can improve its performance.

Construction for Dynamics 365 helps you manage your projects after their completion, too. Maintenance and renovation are two irreplaceable components of management. Our solution makes it easy to track if any of your sites need repairs done, regardless if they’re under warranty or not. With Construction for Dynamics 365 you can track and manage the sale and rent of your properties, further improving your company’s financial results.

Industry benefits

Better financial control

Track your financial results based on various projects, sub-projects, departments and more. Simplify project invoicing and control your expenses.

Optimized reporting

Get reports of the resources being used – materials, labor, mechanization, and services by stages of work or specific construction projects.

Prompt decision-making

Get quick access to essential financial and accounting data, as well as specialized analyses and reports, in order to make better decisions.

Improved project management

Automate the management and tracking of all activities from the beginning of the project till its end. The solution helps you manage your contracts with investors and subcontractors.

We realized that our employees were operationally overloaded as the data was being entered manually by each department in their own software application. We needed automatic data flow within one unified system to optimize our resources utilization and we required one sole information source.
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