Market dynamics trigger new business models

Booming competition and economic uncertainty, supply chain with increased lead times, and tight labor market are expected to drive the Engineering & Construction industry toward new business models.

Be up-to-date,


Construction companies are utilizing digital technologies to expand business opportunities and boost profits by reducing costs in the long run and enhancing project execution.

Cover end-to-end
project execution

Agile Project Management ensures smooth management of each project stage and milestone tracking different types of contracts with investors and subcontractors.

4Construction is your Business Project Management Solution


As an entrepreneur you run several building projects and must be aware of their status, cash flows, and deadlines.

4Construction, developed by the Intelligent Systems team, is a specialized ERP solution designed for medium-sized and large companies in the construction and project management sectors.

Based on the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics 365, the software consolidates all business operations and provides a comprehensive overview of projects, bids, machinery, personnel and resources.

4Construction is a flexible solution to help you define information for material resources, human resources, machinery, subcontracting, and expenses separately. 4Construction requires a minimum of 20 users.

We provide functionalities related to the following fields: infrastructure, building, and industrial.

The solution is certified and available in Microsoft AppSource.

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4Construction ERP




Find a reliable partner

Make a comprehensive offer to your customer with our solution that will be a helping hand in each step of the project accomplishment.


Contract management

Monitor and track your work

Store papers related to the construction business, including contracts between the constructor and the investor, and with third parties for services and items as well.

Project execution

Innovate to enhance efficiency

Keep all important information on one platform and provide a user-friendly interface with handy management tools.


Schedule investments and create budgets

Manage the process step by step and cover all its phases from identifying a need for product and service through procuring it.


Manage resources

Manage and track in real-time your materials and items in stock through inventory and warehouse management modules.



Enter, follow and analyze data

Review and manage at any time your profit and loss statement, customer and vendor balance statements, accruals, and more.

Industry benefits

Better financial control

Track your financial results based on various projects, sub-projects, departments and more. Simplify project invoicing and control your expenses.

Optimized reporting

Get reports of the resources being used – materials, labor, mechanization, and services by stages of work or specific construction projects.

Prompt decision-making

Get quick access to essential financial and accounting data, as well as specialized analyses and reports, in order to make better decisions.

Improved project management

Automate the management and tracking of all activities from the beginning of the project till its end. The solution helps you manage your contracts with investors and subcontractors.

We realized that our employees were operationally overloaded as the data was being entered manually by each department in their own software application. We needed automatic data flow within one unified system to optimize our resources utilization and we required one sole information source.
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