What is BI?

Business Intelligence (BI) is a software instrument that provides detailed view over the past and current business activities and predicts future trends. BI is a powerful tool that extracts, optimizes, analyzes and presents company data. The BI application is an upgrade to your current IT systems that helps management to understand and know what is going on with their business.

PowerBI screenshot

BI. Power BI

Business Intelligence continues to evolve and Microsoft is leading the way by bringing a new generation of BI to organizations. With Power BI, a cloud-based service, companies assure business intelligence insight to everyone – from the IT professional, to the business analyst and the regular user.

  • Pre-built real-time dashboard visualizing KPIs from data residing both on-premises and in the cloud
  • Android, iOS and Windows mobile apps keep you connected with the needed data, wherever you are
  • Natural language query functionality allowing you to ask questions and receive answers in the form of live chat thread
  • Seamless integration with all Microsoft business apps and cloud services, such as Dynamics NAV, Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365

Business insights one Qlik away

Qlik is a product family of flexible BI apps that can be quickly deployed and utilized. Compared to other business intelligence tools, Qlik Sense allows users to drill down big data and get reports and visualizations with no intervention of IT experts – answers are already there, available through simple clicks and taps.

  • Self-service visualization and discovery platform, promoting human intuition in all areas of the user experience
  • Sharing knowledge and insights among groups and teams, with the purpose of making better decisions
  • Complete set of open and standard APIs for building custom analytics, embedding visualizations, and extending the functionality
  • Robust set of data preparation and integration capabilities, allowing organizations to cleanse, transform, and unify multiple disparate data sources without requiring external tools or data repositories
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Process data from a variety of sources – SQL DB, Excel files and others.


Play with data and discover hidden opportunities and threats.


Find out the meaning of data in beautiful, comprehensible schematics and graphs.

Any location

Access data and get insights anywhere, anytime.

We help them transform their business


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