The reality

Whether you run a small or large wholesale and distribution company, you face pretty much the same
challenges as your competitors do. Changing customer demands, increasing product inventories, shrinking margins,
growing competition, complex supply chains… the list is rather long. The question, however,
is how do you cope with these challenges? How do you improve efficiency, reduce costs, maximize profits
and stay competitive?

Nowadays, thriving wholesale and distribution businesses rely on modern software management systems to
integrate operations and react quickly to shifts in the environment. These systems help companies collaborate seamlessly
with customers and partners, manage orders, improve delivery performance, streamline processes,
keep optimal stock levels, cut costs and discover trends and opportunities.

Our offering

In order to stay in business and boost bottom-line results, your company needs a comprehensive software solution that covers all aspects of your operations: sales and marketing, warehouse and inventory management, deliveries, financials, etc. You also have to find the right implementation partner – one that possesses a deep understanding of the industry and will deliver a software solution that actually suits your needs.

Intelligent Systems offers specialized apps for wholesale and distribution companies that are based on Microsoft Dynamics. These include apps for Van-sales and Warehouse operations. Our team has gained considerable experience in the sector, as many of our customers are in the FMCG, stationery and office supplies, pharmaceuticals, or medical devices business.

We know how important it is for you to find the right software solution and partner, but with the abundance of alternatives, choosing may give you a headache. So, simplify the process and get in touch with us.

Industry benefits

  • Integrated database
  • Automated flow of all business processes
  • Reliable access to accurate data – customer history, products, locations, etc.
  • Strict monitoring over quality of goods
  • Automated tracking of goods from supplier to retailer
  • Supervision of all the activities in warehouses and departments
  • Decreased levels of scrap goods and the associated costs
  • Optimized dispatching process
  • Use of demand forecast templates for optimization of stock inventory and increase in customer satisfaction rate
  • New channels for communication with customers through web- and mobile-based systems
  • Faster and more flexible response to unique customer requirements – specific package, marks, delivery conditions, etc.
  • Real-time business analysis and reports generation
As ERP systems are generally long-term collaborations, the harmony between the teams is also important. So, taking this into account and analyzing the costs and benefits, we decided Intelligent Systems is the right partner for us.

Erkan Akmeric

General Manager, Oxford University Press Turkey

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