Increase of market value

Experts predict that the market value of the global wholesale industry will increase from USD 46 bln. to USD 65 bln. until 2027, with a compound annual growth rate of 9%. Wholesalers are increasingly at risk of coming into competition with their own customers with the increase of D2C sales.

B2B personalization

B2B eCommerce will have a renewed focus on personalisation. E-commerce platforms are no longer just for B2C retailers. A survey by Gartner finds that 83% of B2B consumers prefer ordering and paying through eCommerce. Wholesalers will need a contemporary, simple-to-use eCommerce platform.

Next-level inventory tracking

Inventory management software helps track and optimise inventory to increase supply chain visibility. Important features include batch and serial number tracking and cloud-based infrastructure, so the software can be accessed anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Our solutions help drive an effective delivery system

Wholesale distributors need to keep up with the newest trends and adopting flexible, connected technologies, among them The Internet of Things and mobile technologies for inventory, shipping, and receiving.

Our team has gained considerable experience in Warehouse operations sector, as many of our customers are in the FMCG, stationery and office supplies, pharmaceuticals, or medical devices business. If your company needs comprehensive software solutions that cover all aspects of your operations: sales and marketing, warehouse and inventory management, deliveries, financial, read more about our newest applications on Dynamics 365 Business Central:

Thanks to our e-commerce platform for online B2C and B2B commerce we can develop your e-store, based on nopCommerce and integrate it with your existing Microsoft Dynamics ERP. Barcode Scanner app facilitates inventory handling process in warehouses, wholesale and distribution. EDI Integration app helps companies to set up mappings allowing for an effortless electronic data exchange of sales and purchase documents.

Moreover, our Dynamics Mobile partner offers specialized apps for wholesale and distribution companies that are based on Microsoft Dynamics. These include apps for Van-Sales&Distribution and Warehouse operations.

Industry benefits

  • Integrated database
  • Automated flow of all business processes
  • Reliable access to accurate data – customer history, products, locations, etc.
  • Strict monitoring over quality of goods
  • Automated tracking of goods from supplier to retailer
  • Supervision of all the activities in warehouses and departments
  • Decreased levels of scrap goods and the associated costs
  • Optimized dispatching process
  • Use of demand forecast templates for optimization of stock inventory and increase in customer satisfaction rate
  • New channels for communication with customers through web- and mobile-based systems
  • Faster and more flexible response to unique customer requirements – specific package, marks, delivery conditions, etc.
  • Real-time business analysis and reports generation
As ERP systems are generally long-term collaborations, the harmony between the teams is also important. So, taking this into account and analyzing the costs and benefits, we decided Intelligent Systems is the right partner for us.

Erkan Akmeric

General Manager, Oxford University Press Turkey

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