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The Dynamics Mobile platform provides reliable access to ERP data anytime, anywhere, allowing mobile and warehouse employees to work faster, much more effective, and to ensure first-class customer service. The Dynamics Mobile apps use advanced technology that replicates and enforces all business logic from Microsoft Dynamics on smartphones, tablets, handhelds, badges and other mobile devices. This way all operations can be performed regardless of the user’s connectivity status.

Dynamics Mobile apps screenshots

What does the Dynamics Mobile platform do?

  • Connects mobile apps to the company’s ERP system without having to rely on Internet connection
  • Works with the Microsoft Dynamics ERP product line
  • Supports both on-prem and cloud deployment methods
  • Comes with native apps for iOS, Android and Windows 10 devices

All Dynamics Mobile apps are highly customizable, in case your company is looking for a specific solution to their needs. Find out more about the apps by clicking on the desired ready-to-use app below.

Ready-to-use Dynamics Mobile apps


Improve delivery and distribution with Dynamics Mobile Van-Sales.

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Use mobile devices to capture information from the field organized in handy surveys with Dynamics Mobile Merchandise.

Learn more


Monitor and control your in-field fleet in real-time with Dynamics Mobile Fleet.

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Enhance inventory and warehouse management activities with Dynamics Mobile Warehouse.

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Use document approval workflows outside premises with Dynamics Mobile Approvals.

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Easy acess to business data

Dynamics Mobile gives mobile employees easy and fast access to all the business data stored in Microsoft Dynamics.

Integration and automation

Full integration between the devices and Microsoft Dynamics, using a reliable platform where all technical challenges have been solved.


The Dynamics Mobile apps are highly adaptable and allow customization of the user interface, business logic, stored and synchronized data, printing and reporting layouts, and more.


The mobile employee's role defines the functionalities of the mobile device and the data sent to each device.

We help them transform their business


Learn more about the Dynamics Mobile apps by downloading our resources.

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