Manufacturing companies need powerful, integrated software solutions to optimize the
whole array of manufacturing related process – supply chain and delivery of raw-materials,
production, storage, distribution, financial flow, relationship with partners and customers, and so on.
The ultimate purpose of all this is to substantially reduce the manual work and operational
costs, and increase bottom-line results.

Machinery & Components

Pharmaceutical & Chemical

Consumer goods & Electronics

Food & Beverage

Furniture & Wood processing

Print & Packaging

Our offering

Intelligent Systems has gained considerable experience while carrying-out projects in manufacturing companies of different background. Discrete, process or mixed, Microsoft Dynamics can be easily deployed and adapted to your most specific needs, so you can quickly start deriving benefits.


Industry benefits

  • Optimized production cycle – from order of raw materials to shipment of finished goods
  • Automated HACCP requirements and other legal regulations
  • Improved supply chain efficiency
  • Consolidation of all data from the business units (production, supply chain, warehouse, sales and financial management, etc.) within a single database
  • Reduced new product time-to-market and accelerated time-to-profit
  • Precise assessment of COGS
  • Generation of various queries and reports in real-time
  • Effective capacity management – labor force, spaces, equipment, materials, etc.
  • Transparency and traceability on the sales activities – offers, orders, follow-ups on budgeted and actual costs, price lists, sales promotions, discounts, reminders, complaints, etc.
  • Significant reduction of manual work and possible data entry errors
  • Effective cash flow monitoring process
  • Rapid budgeting, forecasting and planning procedures

We may say with confidence that we are satisfied from our choice to implement Microsoft Dynamics system in Excellpack Bulgaria Ltd., relying on the expertise of the specialists from Intelligent Systems. By this major step, we ensured number of improvements – optimized processes, increased productivity of the team and detailed reporting in real time…

Maya Stoikova

Managing Director, Excellpack Ltd.

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