Main concerns

Modern manufacturers know that to survive in “the age of the customer”, they must change the way they do business
by enabling a more customer-centric approach. That means to be transparent, engage customers throughout
the product life-cycle and strengthen the relationships with them. It also means to offer more value,
more quantity, lower prices and faster delivery.

Increased profitability and customer satisfaction rates are then possible only via connectivity
among all internal process that will reduce manual work, improve visibility, increase efficiency, add flexibility
and lower the costs.

Thus, companies operating in this industry need powerful, integrated software solutions
to help them optimize the whole array of manufacturing-related processes – supply chain and delivery of raw-materials,
production, storage, distribution, financial flow, relationship with partners and customers, and so on.

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Print & Packaging

Our offering

Intelligent Systems has gained considerable experience while carrying out projects in companies of different manufacturing background (discrete, process, mixed). As different companies have different needs, our first aim is to gain an in-depth understanding of your business processes. Based on that analysis, we then seamlessly deploy the right Dynamics solution (Dynamics 365Business Central, or CRM) that best fits your business so you can quickly start reaping the benefits.

Not sure which type of manufacturing your company falls under? Scroll below to find out what the most pressing needs of discrete and process manufacturers are.

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Discrete manufacturing deals with assembling components in order to achieve their final products. Companies that fall under this type of manufacturing include automotive, furniture, electronics, machinery and others. As a rule, businesses in this area create their products using a Bill of Materials (BoM) that includes all components required to assemble it. They abide by the so-called ‘route-step processing’ which means that when the BoM is created, each component is linked to a specific work center – this makes the manufacturing process much easier to track. Once assembled, products can be disassembled and parts can be changed.

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This type of manufacturing uses chemical, physical and compositional changes in order to convert raw material into a product. Once assembled, products of process manufacturing cannot be disassembled. Industries falling under this type include pharmaceutical and life sciences, food and beverage, cosmetics and others. Process manufacturing companies need ERP software that provides extensive formula and recipe management, batch processing and quality control testing modules. Furthermore, they often are required to follow very strict guidelines and legislation, which is another important component to look for.

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Industry benefits

  • Optimized production cycle – from order of raw materials to shipment of finished goods
  • Automated HACCP requirements and other legal regulations
  • Improved supply chain efficiency
  • Consolidation of all data from the business units (production, supply chain, warehouse, sales and financial management, etc.) within a single database
  • Reduced new product time-to-market and accelerated time-to-profit
  • Precise assessment of COGS
  • Generation of various queries and reports in real-time
  • Effective capacity management – labor force, spaces, equipment, materials, etc.
  • Transparency and traceability on the sales activities – offers, orders, follow-ups on budgeted and actual costs, price lists, sales promotions, discounts, reminders, complaints, etc.
  • Significant reduction of manual work and possible data entry errors
  • Effective cash flow monitoring process
  • Rapid budgeting, forecasting and planning procedures

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