Agency model of dealership

What’s on the road ahead in times of unprecedented change in the auto industry? The original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are looking at the importance of digital platforms as security and scalability have become key requirements. A change in car dealerships of selling direct to consumers is gaining speed.

Alternate mobility and ownership

With hybrid work culture and changing preferences, the automotive sector witnesses increase in demand for vehicle leasing, subscription-based ownership and new models of mobility services as ride hailing and sharing. The mobility of the future will be much easier, more flexible and more individual, especially for tech-savvy users as an advantage.

Electrified and green

The electric and autonomous vehicles are becoming increasingly popular with transition to “emissions-free” concept and rapid progress in AI and machine learning. The car of the future is electrified, autonomous, shared, connected and yearly updated, PwC analysts predicted. Over 55% of all new car sales could be fully electrified by 2030.



Heavy vehicles

Heavy vehicles

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Agricultural machinery

Construction machinery

Construction machinery

Spare parts

Spare parts



Advanced solution for automotive dealers and importers (DMS & IMS)

Do you experience a lack of integration among various data sources, difficulties in tracking the entire sale cycle and keeping the complete maintenance history of each vehicle? Called DealerBox, the cloud-based platform combines the power of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central with the broad know-how of our team.

With over 19 years of extensive experience in automotive and other vehicle retail, we at Intelligent Systems have developed a software solution for automotive importers and dealers.

DealerBox is capable to encompass the whole business cycle within your organization – from sales and marketing, leasing and insurance, rent-a-car, spare parts and repair services through finance and accounting, to detailed business insight reports and analyses.

The cost of the solution has 2 main components – licenses and implementation services. The licenses can either be a one-time purchase or used on a monthly subscription basis. The cost of the implementation services varies depending on the customer’s requirements. DealerBox requires a minimum of ten users.

The solution is certified and available in Microsoft AppSource.

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DealerBox ERP

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Our DealerBox Leasing extension offers a wide range of features that make leasing operations simpler while also ensuring increased productivity and data security. Additionally, the add-on incorporates Dynamics 365 Sales (CRM), enabling tracking of each customer and their lease agreements. The solution is certified and published in Microsoft AppSource.

Valuable benefits

  • Real customer engagement across multiple channels 
  • 360-degree view of each customer
  • Flexible car and price configurators
  • Enhanced communication with suppliers
  • Optimized supply chain management
  • Automated data consolidation
  • Multi-brand support
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Transparent service process and optimized resource management
  • Endless integration capabilities – with OEMs, barcode readers and printers, mobile devices, e-commerce sites, etc.
  • Analyses and reports on various KPIs

Want to know more? Visit DealerBox’ website and schedule your free software test drive!

We tried to find not just an implementer but a reliable long-term partner. We chose Intelligent Systems because of their experience in the auto industry. Two years later I believe we have made the right decision.
Nikolay Nedyalkov Bulavto

Nikolay Nedyalkov

Commercial Manager, Bulavto Holding

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