Skoda has chosen Microsoft Dynamics NAV

May 19, 2009

The Official importer of Skoda in Bulgaria is the next auto dealer to rely on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV and specialized add-on NAVauto. Euratec Ltd. chose for a partner on this project the company with long expertise in this industry – Intelligent Systems Bulgaria.

Implementing the most popular integrated business management system Euratec Ltd has shown that, despite the unstable economic situation worldwide and the adverse market conditions, companies should not let themselves go with the flow, but should seek ways to tackle the crisis and to try to derive maximum benefit from the situation.

The project aims to optimize the overall activity of the company as well as to improve suppliers and customer relationships. Through an integrated management system, managers will have a real-time comprehensive view on the situation in the company and they can react flexibly to the constant changes in the market.

“Times are rough for all companies nowadays, but for some reason the automotive industry is being hit much harder than others. Therefore, car dealers need to be more efficient, and they can only do it by using a robust, fully integrated system, designed to meet the needs of automotive companies,”, said Kalin Tzvetanov, Managing Director, Intelligent Systems Bulgaria

About EuraTec Ltd.

Bulgarian-Czech company Euratek Ltd. started in 1992. The company already has 17 years of successful sales on the Bulgarian market and is traditionally in top 6 car dealers in the country.