What is Dynamics 365 Marketing?

Dynamics 365 Marketing is a state-of-the-art marketing automation tool that helps turn prospects into long-term business relationships. The application helps companies deliver personalized communication messages, create detailed customer journeys, increase lead generation and make informed decisions. Furthermore, it connects sales and marketing for a cohesive strategy that maximizes return on investment and brings better overall results.

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Attract promising prospects

  • Target the right people with the help of multi-channel marketing campaigns and marketing automation capabilities.
  • Create and manage customer journeys based on buyer behavior and preferences in order to engage in a meaningful way.
  • Use custom audience targeting and campaign content at a business-unit-level.

Increase productivity and coordination

  • Track and prioritize leads with different lead-scoring models and grades for sales readiness.
  •  Identify and close accounts with content and activities centered around them.
  •  Improve live and online event management with capabilities for registration, session, speaker and venue logistics.

Simplify collaboration

  • Integrate with Office 365 tools and shared calendars and have the whole picture in front of you and your team.
  • Create and unify data across contacts, leads, and customers while being synced with Dynamics 365 Sales.
  • Connect marketing and sales with pre-built workflows to transfer sales-ready leads and drive follow-ups.

Know what your clients are thinking

  • Monitor the customer journey and gather information using Microsoft Forms surveys.
  • Test and find out what the right content is by performing built-in A/B tests.
  • Increase marketing effectiveness with pre-built – or custom – dashboards and analyzers.


Make informed decisions

The application allows your business to make informed decisions based on real-time data and AI-driven insights.

Learn more about your leads

It gives you a detailed look into your customers and leads, which in its turn allows your company to better steer communication.

Use an adaptable solution

The solution is highly adaptable and grows with your company: from the very start, it can be integrated with other apps and services you already use.

Comply with GDPR and other guidelines

With Dynamics 365 Marketing, it’s easy to be GDPR-compliant and follow accessibility guidelines.


For organizations without any other Dynamics 365 application

Starts from€ 1404.10$ 1500.00

Per tenant/month



Starts from the price shown.
In order to find out the prices for organizations that need
an additional application or contacts, please contact us.

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