ClickDimensions is an Email Marketing and Marketing Automation tool specially developed for Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM. The solution’s rich functionality for web intelligence, lead scoring, campaign automation, nurture marketing and social discovery allows marketers to discover these who are interested in their products, qualify leads and pass them to salespeople. Latter will elaborate on the relationships and convert opportunities into customers.

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Email marketing made easy

  • Send bulk emails full of graphics and documents, and monitor their performance rates (send, open, click, and bounce data)
  • Use A/B testing to check which template, content or subject line drives better results
  • Deliver different content to different recipients – e.g. publish it in multiple languages, present different images to people of different gender, etc.
  • Automatically dispatch predefined emails to prospects in accordance to their behaviors (e.g. email interaction, web form submission, survey completion)

Web intelligence and surveys on your disposal

  • Create landing pages without knowing HTML
  • Connect web forms with your CRM and have a leads/contact created each time a new visitor submits a form
  • Discover who is interested in your products and services by tracking their website activity (page views, webforms, etc.)
  • Gather insight through surveys that can be published on the website or emailed to leads, contacts and accounts. They may even be linked to case records

Social media and more

  • Post content on your organization’s social media profiles directly from Dynamics 365
  • See which recipients have shared emails; on which social networks
  • View the CRM records of your leads and contacts full of data from sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr
  • Expand marketing communications beyond email, web and social. Send text messages (SMS) as well
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Boost marketing performance

By targeted and highly personalized messages, automation, drag and drop tools and availability of measurable goals/results to craft and improve following communication.

Save your sales team time

By quickly and easily determine which leads to pursue based on their interest in your products and services.

Take advantage of the power

Of the new marketing and sales ground called “Social media” – one that everyone talks about but few do it.

Maximize the convenience

Of having ClickDimensions native inside Microsoft Dynamics CRM through integrated reporting. Utilize the ClickDimensions content pack to visualize marketing data in Power BI.

We help them transform their business


Learn more about ClickDimensions by downloading our resources.

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