Just like any other business, property and facility management companies are constantly looking for ways to reduce
performance time and expenses, and to improve income. Good managers know that this is possible
via streamlined processes and regular detailed analysis. The only way to achieve the above is through technology
that offers a wide-angle view of the business including clients, contracts and properties.

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Our offering

Intelligent Systems offers Dynamics Facility – an industry-specific software solution for managing real estate and facilities. Based on the CRM functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365, the solution builds up the standard capabilities of the system so that you can easily follow the communication and history with your clients and the respective real estate, contracts, expenses and pays.

Dynamics Facility is available on the Microsoft AppSource. Follow the link and try it our for free! Dynamics Facility - Microsoft App

Update January 2019: This solution is temporarily unavailable on Microsoft AppSource. Please check again at a later time or contact us for more information.

Dynamics Facility

Industry benefits

  • Gain full control over the management of prospects and strategic deals
  • Generate contracts and annexes directly from the system and observe payment date, expiration date of the contract and more
  • Issue rental receipts automatically and allocate total communal costs based on quadrature, reference, etc.
  • Access instantly important data such as site occupancy, collection of receivables, etc.
  • Keep versions of contracts with different parameters and terms and refer to them whether you need it
  • Import electronic invoices from service providers

We help them transform their business


Learn more about our solutions for property and facility management by downloading our resources.

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