The digital transformation is reaching out to the insurance industry as well and is becoming a must for those insurers and brokers who
want to stay in the business at all. Over the last decade, the behavior and expectations of the customers have changed drastically,
and the companies currently operating in the industry need to find innovative channels for attracting and retaining customers.
The lack of integration between the systems used by insurers and brokers increases the operational costs.
At the same time they still need to maintain a seamless flow of business processes and keep a clear insight of customers,
households and their changing needs. Transforming the business processes via a software solution may be just what insurers need.
The right software enables them to switch focus from policies to customers, lower the costs and allows agents, brokers
and employees to improve the overall customer experience.

insurance companies

Insurance companies

insurance brokers

Insurance brokers


Our offering

Intelligent Systems offers the following VeriPark’s software solutions for customer and partner relationship management in the insurance sector, based on Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM:

With VeriPark’s help, insurance companies and brokers receive full insight into the operations within the organization: intermediaries/agents, policies, claims and insurance renewals. This allows for a seamless flow of business processes and improves their efficiency.

Whether you are present in the market through a direct and/or indirect distribution network, VeriPark’s solutions for the insurance sector will empower your productivity by servicing customers through various channels and devices.

Industry benefits

  • Track the history with each customer and the related individuals and/or legal entities
  • Create and qualify potential customers, prepare quotes, calculate premiums, issue policies
  • Organize visits and meetings, track upcoming payments, renew insurances, discover sales opportunities
  • Analyze the work and needs of the channels of distribution (agencies, agents, brokers and employees)
  • Prepare and launch multi-channel marketing campaigns based on segmentation by customer profile and/or sales channel
  • Generate the necessary charts and reports without the help of IT specialists

We help them transform their business

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