Financial institutions of all kinds have to overcome critical challenges in today’s fast-paced world. Their typically large organizations need to
be faster and more flexible than ever, while their multi-transaction operations are often scattered across many local branches
with their own procurement processes. This gives rise to a pressing need for an advanced accounting tool which provides both
centralized management and premium features for local use. At the same time, perhaps nothing is as important for banks
as the trust of their clients – and the resulting necessity for a secure system at all levels.

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Our offering

We at Intelligent Systems offer a contemporary ERP solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central that is still available for on-prem deployment in the bank’s IT environment where all security policies of the bank can be applied. Our ERP solution easily integrates with other systems of the bank such as core banking systems, CRM tools, etc.

For those interested in a CRM solution for credit and financial institutions, we offer VeriPark’s own customer relationship management platform that is tailored specifically for the industry and provides many functionalities that improve the customer journey and increase employees’ productivity.

Our ERP provides:

  • Integration with core banking systems and accounting automation facilitated by this integration. 
  • Full coverage of the procurement process at financial institutions 
  • Payment automation as part of the procurement process 
  • Rich accounting dimensionality allowing for advanced cost control and insights on the expenses facilitating grounded decision-making 
  • Functionality for grouping of dimensions – define filters for dimensions and allow access based on different criteria
  • Capability to work in a multi-branch setting – application of local controls, limits and budget. 
  • Advanced business functionality for management of contracts with third parties – contract master data, follow-up, issuance of associated documents, accruals, retentions, payments. 
  • Integration with mobile providers – assignment of phone numbers to employees, setup of limits, import of data from the mobile provider, limit follow-up and more. 
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Interested in CRM? Here’s what VeriPark can do for you:

As an official partner of VeriPark, Intelligent Systems provides proven, secure and scalable Customer Relationship Management, Omni-Channel Transaction Management, Branch Automation, Loan Origination and Customer Insights solutions. Here’s what the platform offers:

  • Mobile banking
  • Retail internet banking
  • Corporate internet banking
  • Contact center
  • ATM and Kiosk
  • SMS banking
  • Branchless banking and more

Intelligent Systems and VeriPark provide solutions and services to:

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