Today’s reality

Companies working in the finance sector have to keep up with the trends and must become the digital leaders in their field.
The customer expectations in both insurance and banking have changed drastically and it’s imperative for businesses
to stay on top of that by making sure they can still attract and retain customers.
While a said business might already have a number of software products, their lack of integration makes for a slow
and dull reaction on their part. This is where an integrated all-in-one software solution comes in play.

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VeriPark: our partner for software tailored to financial institutions

Our partner VeriPark has a longstanding history with software for banks and insurance companies. Their solutions are specifically tailored for financial institutions, be it corporate banks, retail banks, insurance companies and brokers. Please head to the respective pages for Banking and Insurance to find out about them in detail.

VeriPark’s solutions enable financial institutions to:

  • enhance and automate customer services across assisted and digital channels
  • increase wallet share
  • satisfy customers with timely and relevant offers
  • turn up cross-sell and up-sell ratios
  • empower their employees with a holistic Unified Front End and 360 Single View of Customer
  • provide consistent user experience
  • reduce costs

We help them transform their business

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