Though rather conservative, the agriculture companies are in a high need of
innovative technologies. The industry faces many challenges – low growth rates, fluctuating prices,
environmental concerns and legal restrictions, diminishing production profit margins, to name few.
To run successful business, crop producers and the related sub-industries need solutions
that help them produce more at the lowest output cost possible.

Grain producers

Fertilizer and plant protection companies

Seed and vegetable producers

Dealers of agricultural equipment

Our offering

Intelligent Systems offers NAVagro – a specialized software solution for mid-sized and large agri-organizations based on Microsoft Dynamics. Considered grounds for fast and qualitative company growth and development, NAVagro facilitate effective production management, high resource efficiency, optimized transport and mechanization, and more.

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Industry benefits

  • Simplified tracking of bottom line per project and department
  • Provision of an easy and quick method for budgeting, forecasting, and planning
  • Effective utilization of resources such as human capital, time, equipment and facilities
  • Improved purchase planning to optimize the inventory and current stock availability maintenance
  • Immediate access to the entire information necessary for prompt management decision making
  • Correct calculation of production output cost
  • Strengthened control over the business flow within the company
  • Shortened average period for collecting receivables
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Enhanced communication between employees, suppliers, and business partners

We help them transform their business


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