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The starting point of customer journeys has changed

Nowadays, people spend almost three times more time on the Internet than they do on conventional media, meaning traditional marketing is not as effective as it used to be. And while the global population is constantly growing, Internet penetration is also on the rise. Latest reports show that 53% of the 7.6 billion people throughout the globe use the Internet daily to search various topics, visit social media sites, and look for product information. The stats for Europe are even higher, with 80% of the population on the continent using the Internet to search, communicate and shop online.

Every business knows having a website is a MUST but building one and simply running it is not a prerequisite for success. Buyer experience starts with a query in the search engine and only websites that rank in top 10 have a chance of generating traffic and converting it into leads or sales. A website landing on the second (or subsequent) page of the search results has less than 1% chance of getting clicks. Thus, businesses should reconsider their online presence. They must utilize a proven set of organic (SEO) and PPC (SEM and social media ads) approaches.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Get your website ready to beat the competition for the top position.


On-page audit

Exploring key site elements (architecture, technical requirements, page speed, mobile friendliness, metadata, duplicate content, and more) for compliance with latest optimization strategies and defining roadmap for overcoming discrepancies.


Content audit

Performing comprehensive keyword research and generating ideas for most appropriate organic ranking opportunities – semantic cores, structure optimization, metadata optimization, and more.


Competitor Analysis

Monitoring of competitor’s activity on the internet and generating ideas based on the findings.


Ongoing SEO maintenance

Reporting on KPIs (traffic, keywords, landing pages), monitoring on technical issues, change recommendations, content optimization, and more.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) & Display ads

Back-up your SEO efforts with Google Ads’ and Bing Ads’ pay-per-click (PPC) and display network capabilities.


Account management

Audit, restructuring, targeting, keyword research, A/B testing, ad copy creation, budget allocation, monitoring and optimization.


Campaign creation

Precise set up of new campaigns from scratch with the objective of generating leads, sales and maximized ROAS from the very beginning.


Display ads

Target audiences with visual content on the Google Display Network. Utilize a diverse set of targeting options – keywords, topics, demographics, interests, search intents, specific websites (Gmail and YouTube incl.), or combinations of them.



Tag people who have already visited a certain page or performed a specific action on your website, group them into audiences, and target them with highly tailored messages on the Google Display Network.

google ads account performance

Social Media ads

Use the advertising power of the most popular social media platforms: Facebook and LinkedIn.

LinkedIn logo

Most-suitable for B2C companies willing to expose their brands and messages to the billions of users of the most popular social media platform.

Utilize various ad formats (text ads, post promotions, inbox messages) to target decision makers and professionals on the most-popular business networking platform.

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