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Vetprom is a pharmaceutical company established in the 1940s. Initially, the company traded with drugs and equipment for veterinary practice, and subsequently reoriented its activities to manufacturing of medicines, veterinary chemicals and metal packaging. As of 2016, the administrative buildings and production capacities of Vetprom Ltd occupy an area of over 60,000 square meters, and the workforce, designated to be the major driving force in achieving business goals, numbers 250 professionals.

The high-tech equipment turns Vetprom into one of the companies in South Eastern Europe with the largest capacities in the field. Among the major markets where the company distributes its products are Russia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Italy, Turkey and others.

Vetprom manufacturing medicine


Since company’s founding till the go-live stage of the ERP implementation project, Vetprom relied on multiple, disparate management and data storage tools. Sheets of paper, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and local accounting software were widely used. The lack of integration among the applications had been recognizable on all company levels, forcing employees to keep record of their work by hand. And that was not all. There was no unified solution to help deliveries, sales orders and SCM. The obstacles originating out of the outdated business methods turned out to be a heavy burden for the organization. An experienced consultant who can offer adequate and quality solution in the shortest possible time became a necessity.

Solution and Benefits

Researching the market, Vetprom chose Intelligent Systems. The decision was based on the long experience and reputation of the consultancy company in providing business software and services to companies in different fields, including medicine, medical supplies and equipment.

„Implementation of an ERP system in a company with clear goals and vision was an extremely pleasant process that seamlessly brought the project to successful completion.“

Maria Strundjeva, Project Manager, Intelligent Systems

The implementation of Microsoft Dynamics started in January 2016 and took a bit more than half a year. After comprehensive analysis of the customer needs, Financial Management, Procurement, Sales and Marketing, Inventory Management and Manufacturing modules were deployed.

Additional functionality for the specific business activities of the pharmaceutical company has been needed as well. Intelligent Systems made a development allowing all product data to be set and kept on a standard production order card. Now, when it is selected, all parameters load automatically. Another significant change has been made to the calculation of the cost of goods sold. Once difficult to track, today this is a major sales support process.

As a result of the collaboration between Vetprom and Intelligent Systems, there were immediate benefits for both managers and employees. The inventory control, raw materials availability and production reporting is improved; real-time access to needed records and reports significantly supports operations in Accounting Department; and salespeople say they now document better without data loss.

The implementation of Microsoft Dynamics with Intelligent Systems gave us the opportunity to swiftly strengthen our operations.

Dr. Daniela Banishka

Dr. Daniela Banishka

CEO, Vetprom Ltd.

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