About the company

Teda Pack was founded as Teda-MM in 1992 by Emil Mladenov. The company is a leading manufacturer of thermoformed packaging for the food and light industry in Europe.

Teda Pack has developed a strategy for its products in the circular economy and has been implementing the most innovative methods for optimization. The company operates two factories based in Botevgrad and Blagoevgrad.

Industry: Packaging manufacturing


The situation

The company was not using an integrated software solution. Data was manually processed and transferred through excel files between different steps in the workflow. This complicated the production planning and tracking of the rolls used in the thermoforming process. Teda Pack needed a fully integrated end-to-end solution covering the needs of its growing business.


The solution

To meet customer’s requirements, Intelligent Systems designed a solution based on two products, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS and Dynamics Mobile, covering company’s purchasing, sales, accounting, manufacturing and warehouse operations.

The solution is leveraging the standard functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in these functional areas with some tune ups adapting the system to customer’s specificities such as integration with label printers for marking the rolls produced in the first stage of the manufacturing process.

Dynamics Mobile facilitates work with mobile devices with scanning function. Seamlessly integrated with Business Central, such devices are used in the warehouse, as well as in the production facilities to identify the exact roll loaded on the machine prior to starting the thermoforming.

Initially, the project plan envisaged Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics Mobile to be implemented as two separate consecutive stages. As the work on the first stage ran smoothly, the two phases were merged and the overall solution went live at once. The full implementation took less than a year.


“We are satisfied with the services of Intelligent Systems, and we already consider implementing the solution in other affiliate companies.”, Teodora Mladenova, General Manager at Teda Pack, said.


Key benefits

  • End-to-end integration of all processes in one system
  • Seamlessly integrated mobile devices with scanning function
  • Improved traceability of the materials used in the manufacturing process
  • Native functionality for planning without switching between different software products
  • Increased control over the ongoing business processes in the company;
  • Easier reporting and monitoring of all activities.


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