Studio Moderna

About the company

Studio Moderna was founded in 1992 in Ljubljana, Slovenia is the leading electronic retailer in Central and Eastern Europe reaching more than 360 million consumers across 21 countries with over 390 own stores. Its Bulgarian branch was established in November 1996 in Sofia and currently has 25 shops located throughout the country. About 400 people work in Studio Moderna, Bulgaria.

The main business of the company is TV sales, development and implementation of strategies in the direct marketing market. Among Studio Moderna’s rich portfolio are various goods, as well as their own brands Dormeo, Delimano, WALK MAXX, NUTRiBULLET and many others.


Since its introduction on the Bulgarian market Studio Moderna has been developing at an extremely fast pace. The number of customers has significantly increased, the range of products and services is expanding, and the business process specifics are changing every day. The need for better efficiency of all key processes in accounting, wholesale and retail, supply chain, warehouse and other departments has been gradually emerging. The lack of integration between the old accounting program and the sales and warehouse software became a serious problem. No accountability is detected to track payments on multiple invoices on a daily basis, and this makes the work even more difficult for the employees.


As Modern Studio’s headquarters in Ljubljana uses Microsoft Dynamics, the task for the Bulgarian branch is to conduct a research and to identify the most appropriate and reliable partner with the necessary industry expertise and capacity to implement the project on local level within the pre-agreed timeframe. Studio Moderna chose Intelligent Systems because of its proven track record in the Microsoft Dynamics roll-outs in the Central and Eastern Europe.

After a preliminary analysis and the requirements set by the management, the implementation of the Microsoft Dynamics platform was launched. The modules – sales, deliveries, warehouse and accounting – were implemented for a period of four months. Following the plan, the headquarters and warehouse begin to work with the system, and all 25 stores integrate with Dynamics through a built-in CAT Pro platform.

Intelligent Systems specialists develop additional functionality for automatic connection between the reports of different couriers and the issued invoices by Studio Moderna. Reports from all stores are automatically imported into Dynamics. An import of payments from the bank, shops, leasing companies and others was also built. In addition, several important integrations (CAT Pro, Omex (Payroll System) and EDI) were also developed.

To implement this project, we invest hundred percent of our knowledge and skills. The final result totaly justify our expectations and we are now continuing our common partnership by helping the system grow with the business of Studio Moderna.

Mariya Strundjeva
Project Manager, Intelligent Systems

Key benefits

Through Microsoft Dynamics, most difficulties involved in processing a large volumes of information have been overcome, and inconsistencies related to the lack of current information have been removed. Among the main advantages after implementing Microsoft Dynamics are:

  • A unified database
  • Optimization of invoice control
  • Tracking the effectiveness of sales team
  • Creating an automatic connection among payments
  • Enhanced control over all business processes
  • Better reporting and analyzes
  • Access to up-to-date information for stock availability in different warehouses
  • Increased document processing
  • Minimized errors during work
  • Enhanced workflow at all levels of the organization.
B.Braun offices in several countries work with Microsoft Dynamics NAV
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B.Braun offices in several countries work with Microsoft Dynamics NAV