About the company

Megatron EAD is a market leader in the import, sale, and maintenance of high-quality agricultural, building, forestry, and garden equipment. Working with global brands such as John Deere, Bobcat, and Kuhn, the company operates from 11 outlets across Bulgaria, serving a network of clients such as farms and agricultural sites. To improve tracking of its diverse customer base and reporting capabilities, anticipate buyers’ needs, and increase customer satisfaction with its after-sales services, the company integrated Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Dynamics 365 Customer Service with its existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, both saving time and optimizing business processes.

The situation

In the past, salespeople at Megatron used hard copy notes and emails to track their activities, which gave a flawed view of the market and of customers.

“We had a sense we were missing out on many client interactions, not contacting customers as much as we should. To enhance customer engagement and improve after-sales support, we needed to have a clear vision of the market to pursue our growth, and to empower sales consultants with an integrated view of every lead and opportunity, wherever they went.”

– Erez Shacham, Director of Dealer Development at Megatron. 

The solution

In 2019, Megatron turned to its long-term Microsoft partner, Intelligent Systems, for the implementation of a customer relationship management system (CRM) in the cloud that would integrate automatically with its existing enterprise resource planning system (ERP).

megatron customer story

Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 provided a centralized, user-friendly dashboard, powerful ready-to-go reporting capabilities, and offline and online access to data.

“It was truly eye-opening to gain such market and internal visibility. We can directly export and share this data with the world-leading manufacturers we work with. We also have the necessary flexibility to purchase additional licenses, or subtract licenses, which allows us to keep our costs aligned with our needs, even as they change.” – Erez Shacham, Director of Dealer Development at Megatron.

Already 70 percent of Megatron’s salesforce uses Dynamics 365 Sales to track, record, and manage all activities, and the remaining sales teams are set to transition later this year. Compared to the previous year, sales revenue has increased by 11 percent, and opportunities per sales representative have tripled over the last six months.

“Our clients used to contact service managers or even technicians to solve their problems. Now, all calls are transferred via a third-party tool integrated with Dynamics 365 Customer Service to call center representatives who can see the caller’s name, investigate the nature of the call, and assign the case to the relevant service administrator in the appropriate location” – Erez Shacham, Director of Dealer Development at Megatron. 

The whole decision tree is improved as is customer satisfaction, with the average request handling time brought down to under an hour, and 90 percent of all issues closed the same day.

Megatron is planning to further extend the call center support over the coming months through Dynamics 365.

“This is the real focus of the solution, and where we hope to make a huge impact on the market, by empowering our customer service teams and keep raising customer satisfaction.”

– Erez Shacham, Director of Dealer Development at Megatron.


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B.Braun offices in several countries work with Microsoft Dynamics NAV