Today’s furniture customers are tech-savvy and live in increasingly small living spaces. They browse items and shop in-store, as well as on the e-commerce and mobile websites. They also look for highly customizable furniture that will meet their need for differentiation and functionality.

Growing demand for custom builds and special orders has made the management of inventory and sales increasingly burdensome for furniture retailers. At the same time, these retailers are also quickly realizing that they must offer an omni-channel shopping experience in order to create brand awareness, reach the new generations of consumers, and stay competitive in the global arena.

Omni-channel solutions for forward-thinking furniture retailers

With LS Retail, you can optimize your inventory, easily handle reservations and orders for custom-made items, and manage products, prices, promotions and loyalty in your stores, on your e-commerce site and on the loyalty app – all from a single platform.

If that’s not enough, real-time performance reports help you take better decisions, and a suite of automated features allows head office and store staff to focus on high-return activities rather than on routine daily tasks.