The fashion industry is characterized by a relentless drive for speed. Fashion cycles are increasingly short, and shoppers demand fast access to new styles, in-store and online. Technology has put brand-savvy consumers in the driver seat, leaving retailers scrambling to maintain a consistent, rewarding and responsive customer brand experience across the channels.

Add a competitive landscape, complex size, color and style forecasting, and challenges managing stock availability across physical and online stores. It goes without saying that fashion retailers must be flexible and adaptable in order to thrive.

Say goodbye to fashion emergencies

Many fashion retailers are still using multiple, disconnected IT systems to run different parts of their business; as a result, they struggle to patch together inconsistent information, can’t make sense of their data, and don’t have a clear overview of their business. Even worse, the overall customer experience suffers.

With LS Fashion by LS Retail you can run your whole fashion business in one system. Manage seasons, budgets, products, prices, accounting, promotions and loyalty in all your channels from a single platform. Have your fashion chain under control, and give shoppers the consistent, high-quality shopping experience they crave, no matter if they shop in your stores, online, or via mobile.