For over 25 years Samex has been an official franchise partner of KFC, DUNKIN’ DONUTS and NORDSEE in Bulgaria. Currently the company has 33 restaurants in 5 locations and more than 800 employees, as well as a call center for delivery service. See what caused Samex to seek an all-in-one software solution and how they benefited from it in the video below.


As their business grew, Samex’s management encountered difficulties managing the company’s processes – finances, production, warehouse management, deliveries, orders. The company saw an ever-increasing need to optimize its activities, especially having in mind that the number of restaurants kept on growing.

The company needed the right monitoring and analytical instruments which would give a real overview of what was happening in each and every restaurant of the chain. More than that: they required a centralized system that gathered information from the restaurants’ front and back office, warehouse and headquarters. However, the software programs that they used up until this point did not satisfy the company’s increasing needs. Therefore, a decision was made to choose an all-in-one platform that would improve their business processes and provide an opportunity for further business development: a software system that would grow together with the company.


The company began searching for a software solution that fit their needs. After extensive research, they ended up choosing the Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution and the industry-specific LS Nav Hospitality. Samex trusted Intelligent Systems – a leading Microsoft Dynamics and LS Retail partner in CEE – for the implementation of this challenging project.

“Prior to switching to LS Retail software, we used separate systems for POS and warehouse management, accounting, ordering and delivery. This didn’t give us the overview we wanted. We needed to optimize our business operations and daily activities in the chain restaurants and consolidate them.”

Svetlozar Minev
Project Manager, Samex

The combined solution made it possible for KFC to seamlessly connect the drive-thru, kitchen and front of the restaurant. This made it much easier for everyone to keep track of orders, including clients: they now had the opportunity to see their order’s progress on a screen in the restaurant. Meanwhile, the automation of operations in the restaurants was also reflected in online orders – the delivery service was also integrated in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.  All this helped staff become more effective and enabled them to provide better and faster customer service. Overall, the relationship between headquarters and restaurant locations became easier, thus helping management make better business decisions based on real data.

“Through the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and LS Nav Hospitality, Samex acquired a comprehensive overview of the company’s process all in one place. The solution is implemented in all departments of the company. The planning and result tracking processes were optimized.”

Mila Gyurova
Senior Consultant, Intelligent Systems

Key benefits

Soon after the implementation, Samex employees and management began experiencing the improvements that LS Nav Hospitality and Dynamics NAV brought to their operations. Some of the benefits include:

  • Enhanced budgeting, monitoring and reporting in accordance with the franchisor`s templates.
  • Central management of menus and recipes for the whole restaurant chain.
  • Faster transactions leading to superior customer service.
  • Easier planning of food distribution across all restaurants.
SPORT DEPOT improves business processes and customer service through  Microsoft Dynamics & LS Retail
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SPORT DEPOT improves business processes and customer service through Microsoft Dynamics & LS Retail