About Kaliman Caribe

Kaliman Caribe Ltd. has been established in 1995 as an exclusive distributor of the prestigious brand of hand- made Habanos cigars in Bulgaria and abroad.

The company’s core business activities include: Nationwide distribution of tobacco products and accessories for smokers.

The company is playing a key role in the positioning and distribution of high-class tobacco products in Bulgaria.

Tobacco and tobacco products

The situation

Kaliman Caribe has been a partner of Intelligent Systems for 10 years now. As an importer of cigars, tobacco accessories and alcohol products, it has been vital for the company to manage all sales operations, including retail and wholesale, for the successful distribution of its core product portfolio.

Since the company is dealing with excise goods, it was imperative for the system to support tax warehouse functionality with banderole tracking and excise duty declarations in order to be compliant with local legislation.

The company needed a unified solution for its retail operations in Bulgaria and other international branches that also had to be compliant with local accountancy regulations and fiscalisation requirements where applicable.

The solution

Kaliman Caribe Bulgaria was the first company for which Intelligent Systems integrated Microsoft Dynamics NAV/365 Business Central and LS Retail solutions.

The consequent rollouts were accomplished in Albania, Macedonia and Armenia using the upgraded Bulgarian database as a global template on the new modern version of Business Central. Further rollouts in the road map are planned for Georgia, Slovenia and Croatia.

The initial software solution has evolved over the years and it has become an instrumental tool for the business development of Kaliman Caribe.

The system currently supports the following functionalities from the main modules:

• Financial management
• Sales, including Retail Operations with POS management and Promotions management
• Purchases
• Excise functionality for customs warehouse
• Back Office operations
• Head Office operations
• Mobile orders through Dynamics Mobile for Van Sales
• Business intelligence reporting through Microsoft Power BI

“In fact, the Intelligent Systems team has helped us to rollout the core system functionality to our international business locations abroad with a quick implementation schedule of about three months per country.
In this way we have upgraded our business processes in each concerned country and broadened our market exposure with minimal effort and lower IT expenses”, said Anelia Petkova, IT Manager, Kaliman Caribe.


Kaliman Caribe uses POS management functionalities with custom product promotions. Apart from the standard system functionality for these product promotions, modifications for promo campaigns were implemented to assist with creating advertising budgets for events.

The shopkeepers organize campaigns where the customers receive gifts with receipts issued with zero amount. There is a list of the gifts generated outside of POS as a reference for the retailers.

Key benefits

Implementing the Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and LS Retail solution has helped Kaliman Caribe with:

• Tracking of financial results per product, brand, customer, etc. easier;
• Efficient management of company’s resources;
• Increasing the productivity of the administrative personnel;
• Improving the accountability in the company;
• Improved customer service;
• Compliance with local legislation related to accounting and fiscalization requirements and management of tax warehouse functionality.
• Increasing the control over the ongoing business processes in the company;
• Easier reporting and monitoring of all activities;
• Planning deliveries to optimize stock levels;
• Keeping up-to-date stock levels;
• Reducing the average collection period of the receivables;
• Protecting company’s data;
• Providing a quick and easy way of planning;
• Receiving instant access to all information necessary for assigning responsibilities and decision making in real time.


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