IS Grocery is a solution developed for the specific needs of supermarkets and grocery stores. It combines the rich functionalities of Dynamics 365 Business Central and LS Central, while enhancing them with specific features for food retailers. IS Grocery enables efficient expiry date and batch tracking, optimizes inventory planning and management, defines specifics of vendors (e.g. their logistic processes). IS Grocery has ready-to-go reports and analysis for tracking of retailers’ KPIs on a daily basis.

The application encompasses all our knowledge and hands-on experience of working with grocery retailers of different sizes. The all-in-one system gives you the tool to efficiently overcome all daily obstacles in your grocery stores:

  • Tracking of all items within warehouse and on shelves, resulting in efficient planning of purchases
  • Optimization of assortment
  • Expiry date and batch tracking
  • reports and analysis for tracking of retailers’ KPIs on a daily basis
  • Management of promotions and campaigns, driving customer engagement
  • Advanced forecasting tool
  • Full visibility on all transactions and processes.

Download IS Grocery brochure and learn more about the comprehensive solution.*

*If you are a LS Central partner interested in a specialized application for grocery retail, get in touch with us at [email protected] to discuss the opportunities.