About the company

Being a major distributor and retailer of global branded duty free goods at international airports, airlines, cruise liners and border shops, today Gebr Heinemann operates in more than 100 countries. The company has a workforce of 8 000 employees and in 2018 reached a revenue of 4,6 billion euros.

The small family business established by the brothers Carl and Heinrich Heinemann in 1879 has developed over four generations into a major distributor and retailer for the international travel retail market. Gebr. Heinemann’s retail operation now serves more than 40 million customers annually. The product lines include more than 1500 international brands, produced by a huge number of companies around the globe. The categories include perfumes and cosmetics, wines and spirits, confectionery, delicacies and much more.

The situation

The Romanian subsidiary of Gebr. Heinemann faced some challenges related to the management and planning warehouse space, sales processes, as well as to the lack of integration between the software products and difficulties in the consolidation of data and reporting in the company. As a result, Gebr. Heinemann decided to look for a unified system for business management that suits their business processes.


“We started our collaboration […] in September 2016 when our company started a tender process for a new Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementation. We included Intelligent Systems on our list because they are really well-known for their exposure on the market and for their projects implemented in our area.” – George Toader, IT & Project Manager at Gebr. Heinemann

The solution

Gebr. Heinemann chose Intelligent Systems for its partner to deploy Microsoft Dynamics ERP system and the specialized retail business management solution of LS Retail. To accelerate the working processes of warehouse employees further, Intelligent Systems implemented the application for remote access to data – Dynamics Mobile.

Few months after the completion of the project, Gebr. Heinemann Romania experienced several improvements in the business processes:  optimized warehouse and inventory management activities, enhanced business planning and forecasting, and management of complex transactions and special offers. Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution provided the management with real-time reports and monitoring of KPIs. With Dynamics Mobile, the mobile traders and warehouse employees work faster and more effectively which enhances Gebr. Heinemann`s high level of customer service for travelers.

“We had to implement the system for all areas of our business – from sales in shops, receptions and deliveries in the warehouse to all operations performed in the headquarters in just six months. It was not an easy task neither for us nor for them but due to their continuous implication and devotion we managed to achieve our goal, which wouldn’t have been possible without their support and we really felt that the implementation team was part of Heinrig company not just a standard implementation partner.

Since the implementation of our ERP system, the  cooperation is very smooth and I can affirm that Intelligent Systems is a great company, capable of delivering complex projects according to the initial agreed scope, time and budget; while their team is formed of talented professionals which are not only IT specialists but also real business consultants.

In the same time, their support team is helping us daily with fast reactions and comprehensive solutions for all our new requirements and by this our business is assured no matter of the challenges that we might face.

We are happy to have them as our partners and we wish them good luck with the new Romanian office and as many successful implementation projects as possible.” – George Toader, IT & Project Manager at Gebr. Heinemann

Key benefits

As a result of the implemented business management systems, the company experienced several benefits, including:

  • Enhanced budgeting, monitoring and reporting.
  • Faster transactions leading to customers with superior levels of service.
  • Easier planning of distribution across all store locations.
  • Optimized warehouse and inventory management activities.
  • Significant reduction of manual operations.
Mania Team manages business with LS Retail and Microsoft Dynamics NAV
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Mania Team manages business with LS Retail and Microsoft Dynamics NAV