Excellpack Bulgaria Ltd. is a company specialized in manufacturing and marketing of packaging, raw materials and additives for the food industry, as well as printing labels on BOPP – foil, aluminum foil, polyamide and polyethylene and other materials. During the years the company has become one of the leading package manufacturers in South-Eastern Europe. Among the main customers of Excellpack are large and medium meat processing enterprises and other companies of the food industry in the country, as well as foreign customers from and outside the European Union.

Excellpack has its own factory, centralized warehouse and headquarters. During the years the company has been developing very dynamically, offering rich product portfolio of packages, labels, envelopes and row materials for the needs of food, meat and dairy products industries, wood industry and others. Excellpack invested in expanding production facilities to offer top quality products which comply with the latest customer requirements. To satisfy them all and to increase efficiency, the company has built trade offices and warehouses in the cities of Sofia and Dobrich.

The business growth and increasing number of clients that follows are accompanied by complications in the working process in the company. It appears that using different software in every department is not enough to meet the business needs of Excellpack.

Among the main issues that the company faced were lack of integration between different software, many mistakes and duplicate information, inability for access to the corporate data in real time, difficulties in reporting production – manufactured products and material inputs, discrepancies in comparing data in Accounting and Warehouse, etc. Excellpack Bulgaria Ltd. realized the need of accurate management and tracking of all business processes into a single system, as well as access to actual reports and analyses anytime and everywhere.

Excellpack started researching the market for ERP solution in 2010. Many meetings with different system integrators over the country followed. Some of the main requirements to the ERP systems pointed out by the management were: support of effective and automatic processes; specific functionalities to answer particular needs of the production processes; a common infrastructure and improved communication between departments; cost-effective price of the software system and implementation services; high expertise of system integrator, etc.

In the beginning of 2012, the management of Excellpack signed a contract for implementation of Microsoft Dynamics ERP, and for system implementer was chosen Intelligent Systems.

The implementation project ran very smooth and quickly. Microsoft Dynamics functionalities Manufacturing, Sales and Purchase, Warehouse, Finance and Accounting were introduced in almost 3 months. Intelligent Systems also developed a few more functionalities, reflecting the specified processes in production and warehouse services.

From April 2012, all departments in Excellpack are working with the integrated systems of Microsoft Dynamics. Only couple of months after finishing the project, the company felt the benefits of the ERP system. Now, the company has a single software solution and a common database that combines and optimizes all business processes, and provides management with the needed reports and analysis for an optimal business-decision making activities.

Due to the special developed by Intelligent Systems functionality Schedule production, managers can plan and track the production process more effectively. Based on this information, employees in the production receive in time data for planned production orders – materials, deadlines, specifications of the product, etc. Microsoft Dynamics helps to optimize overall manufacturing operations and processes, as well as tracking and reporting of all related activities.


There are exceptional improvements in performance of warehouse operations, stocking, shipping and subsequent invoicing of sales. The result is higher and faster customer service of their inquiries from all around the world.

Another significant benefit of the ERP system is simplified and accelerated communication between departments in the company. Using this single database, the management has comprehensive view of all processes in the company – from planning, through executing and to the follow-up activities. The employees are even more effective in their everyday work, improving their performance.

Boyan Martinov from Intelligent Systems said: “We are glad that in such a short time we were able to provide to Excellpack one integrated system that completely answers their needs and expectations. Both teams work in a very close cooperation and this happened to be the secret of success. With the implementation of the project in Excellpack – a leading company in its sector, we reconfirmed our position on the market, feeling more confident in the skills of our professionals, and offering our customers only top quality services”.

We may say with confidence that we are satisfied from our choice to implement Microsoft Dynamics system in Excellpack, relying on the expertise of the specialists from Intelligent Systems. By this major step, we ensured number of improvements – optimized processes, increased productivity of the team and detailed reporting in real time.

Maya Stoikova

Maya Stoikova

Managing Director, Excellpack Ltd.

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