With nearly 15 years of experience, today, ESRI Bulgaria Ltd. Is a leader in the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and spatial analysis on the CEE market. ESRI helps governments, companies and individuals understand the world by providing specialized GIS software solutions that create and analyze geographic data, including maps and imagery.

During the years, ESRI has been developing dynamically while the range of products and services offered by the company has significantly increased. Growth brought boost in new information flows and customer database. And as every coin has two sides, business processes within ESRI became more complex, database application and its accurate management turned into a challenged priority.

Since its establishment, the company has relied on various software applications such as an internally developed system, Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, and other instruments to enhance their business processes. As the scope of operations grew vast, the initial efficiency of those instruments became obsolete. Management got concerned about the effect these could cause on customer perceptions of loyalty and quality of products and services provided.

Some of the major challenges ESRI faced were the lack of integration with Microsoft Outlook and the inability to track customer data in detail and properly evaluate their purchasing behavior, as Excel required too much manual interference. Furthermore, there was no centralized reporting system, as the data was spread to the various software applications in place. Thus, the issue of data and effort duplication occurred.

Deployment Decision

“We realized we need a rapid alteration of the way we do things – our business and operational processes were consuming too much time and effort and we would not compromise speed of delivery and customer loyalty. We needed a change agent, fast. Thus, the solution to deploy a CRM system came naturally”, claims Miglena Kuzmanova, Project Manager at ESRI Bulgaria.

It did not take long before ESRI Bulgaria decided to work with one of the leaders on the market – Intelligent Systems. The project was delivered for just two months with all the relevant modules – Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service. Due to the solution’s rich know-how and the ease with which it is modified, Intelligent Systems deployed various data analytical applications and visualization tools to enhance reporting. In order to facilitate the company’s tracking efforts regarding consumer buying patterns Intelligent Systems deployed another useful add-on in the form of a custom application which enriched the already present functionalities.


The advantages from the system endeavor strengthened the positioning of ESRI on the market and improved customer perceptions. The new solution has enabled ESRI to obtain an instant 360 degree view of every customer at any time, instantly enhancing their service.

The major benefits the company has seen from Dynamics CRM are:

  • Easier access to relevant data across the group
  • Improved customer service through data accuracy, error-free information
  • A complete view of customer history, interactions, accounts, products and services that enhances strategic tracking
  • Transparent and automated sales process with an improved win rate
  • Amended coordination among divisions due to the unified database and centralized operations set
  • Minimized time to create offers with an automatic creation via the system
  • Increased market share while maintaining the existing customer base

ESRI Bulgaria acquired a quick return on investment with Microsoft Dynamics CRM; increasing productivity, reducing administration times, improving the flow of information between retailers, and enhancing sales through their newly optimized customer service capability

We are elated to recommend Dynamics CRM and Intelligent Systems to any company planning to deploy a CRM system. They are a reliable and responsible partner.

Miglena Kuzmanova

Miglena Kuzmanova

Project Manager, ESRI Bulgaria

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