About the company

Electric Way is a Norwegian company, founded as an innovation hub of Sulland Group, the largest privately owned car dealership group in Norway. The company is the importer of the premium electric vehicles Voyah, and is expanding the brand’s presence in Europe, while also aiming to create an equally premium customer experience for car buyers and owners.

Industry: Automotive


The situation

Electric Way is partnering with Dongfeng Motor, one of the largest car manufacturers in China, aiming to present the premium EV brand Voyah to the European market.

Very quickly after the beginning of their partnership, the first showroom in Oslo was launched, with plans to launch a few more and continue expanding with an agents’ model throughout Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark. This required a software solution that simultaneously can be deployed very quickly and serve the processes of a starting company, but can also continue to be used as the company grows and adds new offerings, processes and controls.


The solution

All processes of Electric Way, both from an importer and dealer perspective, are covered by the automotive cloud solution DealerBox, based on the cloud version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. DealerBox was used to automate all of Electric Way’s internal processes, such as the purchasing, transport, sales and registration of cars. DealerBox provides deep integrations into Electric Way’s partners’ systems – financial and insurance companies, logistics providers, service centers companies etc. This allows Electric Way to reduce significantly the time spent juggling between multiple systems of multiple vendors (and a lot of Excel files!) and focus the employee experience into one centralized platform that integrates into all 3rd party systems and orchestrates the interactions with them.

What this ensures is that:

  • Electric Way’s sales team receives instantly all car configurations prepared by prospects and has a clearly defined funnel of actions to take them through, allowing the management to track fully the sales process and sales results
  • The time to generate any customer documents (quotes, contracts, invoices etc.) is reduced down do seconds as the integrated solution pulls everything from the customer input on the website and they can be easily presented for digital signing
  • The system suggests how orders can be fulfilled from the existing inventory and triggers the necessary actions in 3rd party vendors’ systems (harbors, logistic providers etc.)


“Our partnership with Intelligent Systems is enabling us to change the future of the dealership. Our main goal is to deliver not only electric vehicles, but to add value to our services through fully digitalized and innovative processes.”

– said Espen Holje, VP IT & Tech, Electric Way.


Intelligent Systems’ team succeeded to launch the solution in a very short term, allowing Electric Way to start managing the base of its processes, explore the other functional modules, learn from that and add functionalities as the business complexity grows. Every step of the process – from initial customer interest, all the way to receiving the car is made as simple as ordering anything else online in a few minutes. Car configuration and ordering, contract signing, applying for financing, getting the car serviced – all potential touchpoints are available online using the customer e-commerce platform built by Intelligent Systems.

Visit: DealerBox – automotive dealership  management system website

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