About the company

EGE Group is a supplier of innovative retail furniture, computer hardware and software, POS terminals, and toner printers. Since 1995, the company has been a business partner of EDEA Retail – a chain of high-end supermarkets and hypermarkets, the largest of which spreads over 5,000 square meters and offers more than 50 000 products.

The situation

From the very start of its operations, EDEA started implementing state-of-the-art technology that would facilitate day-to-day tasks and inform decision-making. But there came a moment when they identified a lack of a platform that gathers all the stores` data and provides better control over their operations.  They were looking for a software system that could be customized and adapted to their business processes without having to sacrifice stability or innovation. Finally, the solution had to be crafted with the latest global trends in retail.

After conducting an in-depth search for international retail software vendors that had experience with such projects, EDEA made their choice. The company selected Intelligent Systems for the implementation of a Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution as their core business platform and Dynamics Mobile for reliable mobile access to ERP data. In addition to the ERP system, EDEA and Intelligent Systems agreed that the specialized retail software LS Central would be implemented so that the full scope of EDEA’s business operations would be covered.

The solution

“With the new software solution, EDEA solved many issues related to inventory management. Now we plan each item replenishment and have dramatically decreased under and overstocks.”

– Svilen Alexandrov, Business Development Manager at EGE Group

As EDEA’s store staff has a strict schedule about product orders and deliveries by suppliers, it was imperative that the system would help them analyze suppliers’ performance. As a result of the implementation, they can now select the most reliable and accurate companies to work with, based on historical data in the ERP system.

EDEA now monitors product categories regularly and adapts pricing to customer demand. Additionally, the solution provides the retailer with an unlimited number and type of promotions. And with the help of Dynamics Mobile, employees can easily manage them regardless of their devices’ connectivity status.

“[…] The store staff immediately applies current promotions. They process item replenishment without manual data entry or human error. Label printing is automated and handled by mobile devices,” says Mr. Alexandrov.

One of EDEA’s proudest achievements within their partnership with Intelligent Systems is their latest store’s self-checkout kiosk. It allows customers to conclude their transactions on their own without having to wait in line or be assisted by a cashier. As the kiosks are connected to the ERP system, all data is uploaded to the solution at once. This has optimized EDEA’s checkout process, differentiated them from their competition, and provided customers with more options for their shopping experience.

Key benefits

With the retail platform implemented by Intelligent Systems, EDEA’s data is unified, and all information is delivered immediately after having been collected. The introduced technology equipped management with a better understanding and visibility of the performance of all their stores. Other benefits include:


  • Better inventory management resulting in increased sales volume and maximized revenue.
  • Transparent and effective vendor performance management.
  • Smart and easy to use Point of Sale devices for the staff.
  • Increased customer loyalty through incentives like promotions, vouchers, loyalty programs, and more.


“Now EDEA can focus on high-return activities rather than on routine daily tasks. The company is set to increase the number of locations – be it physically or online. The introduced digital innovations will be a key asset in this journey,” concludes Mr. Alexandrov.

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