What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources?

Dynamics 365 Human Resources (previously known as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Talent) is a useful tool for human resource professionals who want to strategically attract, engage, and optimize talent to achieve high impact, sustainable business results.

What are the benefits of using Dynamics 365 Human Resources?

Dynamics 365 Human Resources gives you the opportunity to transform the candidate and employee experience at your company by helping your employees succeed and letting you focus on hiring the right people. The solution helps you build a better team and achieve excellence.

Some key capabilities of Dynamics 365 Human Resources:

  • Increase the quality of your hires

Give your managers ownership of the selection process and visibility of candidates, tools for assessment, interview scheduling, etc.

  • Make onboarding a treat

Welcome your new employees with a personalized onboarding process, making administrative tasks easier to fulfill for a pleasant first day.

  • Set your goals

Make sure employees each have a clearly defined role with responsibilities and objectives to focus on.

  • Enable your employees’ professional growth

Give them the tools to accelerate their career path with an opportunity to maintain detailed profiles that outline their experience and skills.

  • Facilitate feedback

Give your employees consistent feedback and reward those who achieve their goals by starting a two-way conversation.

  • Customize and extend

Use the Microsoft Power Platform to better suit the app to your needs and take advantage of the Common Data Service to integrate it with existing systems and partner applications.