One more app facilitates submission of tax declarations in Romania

January 11, 2023

If you are a Romanian or foreign company with a presence in Romania, you are obliged to submit company tax and accounting information through the SAF-T system (Standard Audit File for Taxation) of the National Tax Administration Agency (ANAF), mandatory for large taxpayers since 2022, and for medium taxpayers from 2023.

Romanian SAF-T is an extension to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, developed by Intelligent Systems, and designed to facilitate the compliance with Romanian accounting and tax regulations. The app has been certified and is available on Microsoft AppSource.

The businesses will benefit from access to accurate SAF-T data from Dynamics 365 Business Central to meet all ANAF requirements and reduce business risk and obey the tax laws.

The app facilitates data mapping of the gathered information from Dynamics 365 Business Central and exports the declarations into .xml files.

Our Romanian SAF-T app is third in line together with E-Invoice for Romania extension to Dynamics 365 Business Central and Romanian e-Transport add-on for Dynamics 365 Business Central to assist businesses in effortless submission of financial and tax documents to ANAF.

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