Spark choses Intelligent Systems to be their ERP implementation partner

April 06, 2023

Spark, the pioneer electric car-sharing company in Bulgaria, Lithuania, and Romania has been rapidly expanding its operations – increasing its fleet, entering new markets, and securing new investments. As part of its growth strategy, Spark recognized the need to streamline its internal finance processes, automate operations, and improve financial controls.

To achieve these goals, Ride Share, the company behind the Spark brand, sought out a software solution that would match these requirements, with the ambitious to complete its implementation in just two months.

As a result, Intelligent Systems was chosen as Ride Share’s partner to implement the ERP system Dynamics 365 Business Central. Quickly mapping Business Central’s capabilities and Ride Share’s desired processes and automations was key for the quick timeline of the project. This was further aided by using some of Intelligent System’s certified addons for the system – to create the integration with Ride Share’s backend system and to integrate with the banks the company works with.

This comprehensive software solution allowed for a seamless automation of the financial processes – automatic ingestion of thousands of sales documents from the backend systems, and automating the preparation of bank payment orders and import of received payments. All with reduced risk of human error and optimized efficiency.

To expedite the implementation process even more, Spark opted for the SaaS version of Business Central. This allowed for the immediate deployment of the system at the project’s start, eliminating any potential delays from hardware supply chain slowdowns.

SPARK is an electric car sharing brand focused on improving everyday life by providing zero-emission, easily available and affordable commuting in major European cities. The platform provides more than 2000 fully electric cars and is accessible for sharing on SPARK mobile application in cities of European Union countries: Bucharest, Sofia, Plovdiv and Vilnius. As of today, the company has reached a customer base in excess of 350,000 on all markets it operates. SPARK is a privately owned company incorporated in Lithuania.