Smooth management of NGOs memberships needs one of its kind solution

September 07, 2022

If you manage a large business association or an NGO entity, you are familiar with the challenge to do thorough monitoring and management of diverse membership data. Members of business associations and NGOs may vary from 50 firms up to 2,000, and more, which makes each of these organisations outstanding and one of their kind.

For this reason, normally they need custom made software solutions to run smoothly day-to-day activities and returns.

In fact, the membership subscriptions statuses contain key data not only for the accountants and financial managers in the organisation but may be a good source of concise information understandable at a glance on a top company level.

In response to these needs, Intelligent Systems team developed Membership Fees Management for NGO app for Dynamics 365 Sales to assist with day-to-day tasks and managing activities of each member record with due fees.

The application provides membership management functionalities for proforma creation and tracks the performance of the salesperson and organization within customized dashboards. The security approach for Microsoft Dynamics 365 upholds data access, protection, and collaboration while maintaining data integrity and confidentiality. 

CEOs, event and marketing managers might be looking for all sorts of information while cross-checking data fields relating to profiles, revenues, recent activities, and views of the total number of memberships by status. The new functionality might effectively support these allegations above, by providing the ability to create proforma for each membership fee generated from different points of contact. 

As long as your organisation strives for clear data structuring, activity planning, account and contact management when collecting membership fees, the new app might be your right tool. It is created for the benefit of organizations searching for better partnership with members and strong vision to achieve goals.

The application is certified and available in Microsoft AppSource

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