Security Smart Systems is optimizing its manufacturing operations in partnership with Intelligent Systems

November 21, 2018

“Security Smart Systems” Ltd is a Bulgarian company with more than 20 years’ experience in the development and production of electronic and electromechanical products. In 2007, “Security Smart Systems” Ltd and Rommens Instrumenten-en Apparatenbouw B.V. (Netherlands) set up “ROMTECH-3 Es” Ltd. The joint venture manufactures electronics based on in-depth knowledge and new technologies.

What were the challenges

While performing its manufacturing activities, Security Smart Systems management came across some difficulties in regard to management and planning of production and warehouse space, sales activities, as well as lack of integration between individual software products and the overall company reporting. The company management was aware that they need to implement a unified system for managing all processes to cope with this challenge. And the research began.

How the challenges are met

Security Smart Systems Ltd manufacturing areas
Production area of Security Smart Systems

“Security Smart Systems” Ltd. thoroughly examined the market of ERP systems and the expertise of the different companies that offer them. Finally, the company chose Intelligent Systems and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Intelligent Systems implemented the ERP system and developed an add-on for tracking the productivity of employees through tablets. Thus, the company knows the produced units by each employee. “One of the goals of Security Smart Systems set for the ERP system was to achieve complete traceability of the processes and the employees who execute the orders. This is a prerequisite for the ISO/TS 16949 automotive standard. Thanks to the implemented Dynamics NAV solution and the additionally developed module by Intelligent Systems, we were able to meet this requirement”, said Dimitar Verganov, Project manager at “Security Smart Systems” Ltd.

Since the implementation of Dynamics NAV, their services have improved significantly, the information flow between individual business units has optimized and employee productivity has improved. „The dynamic development of Security Smart Systems and their specific needs required professional and fast reactions throughout the implementation of the solution. We managed to meet the expectations of the management team thanks to the rich functionality of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and the in-depth expertise of our team. Thank you for trusting us!“, commented Milena Gabrovska, Head of Consultants at Intelligent Systems.

About “Security Smart Systems” Ltd.

The company occupies a total own area of 12 000 sq.m., 8 000 sq.m. of which are production and office areas. Security Smart Systems production include electronic and electro-mechanical products, injection-molded plastic details, metal sheet processing and cable looms. One of the company’s innovative products is LED lamps.