Quality Management app for Dynamics 365 Business Central helps you stick with the highest industry standards

April 05, 2022

Is your production bound to various strict quality requirements? Do you want to track the quality of different materials and items efficiently? The Quality Management app will help you. It is a handy extension for Dynamics 365 Business Central, developed by Intelligent Systems. The app is part of the company’s portfolio of certified applications available on Microsoft AppSource.

Quality Management app aims to assist organizations in different industries to monitor the quality of received raw materials or produced goods. Also, it is created to ensure manufacturers will meet industries’ strict quality standards. Thanks to its practical features, users can keep excellent quality of purchased, assembled or manufactured items.

More in-depth, the app allows you to set quality parameters and reference values, measure various predefined indicators, keep QC records and generate test reports. In addition, some of the operations can be automated. Thus, organizations can improve their time efficiency and limit their mistake appearance leading to cost optimization.

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