PIPE SYSTEM achieves higher levels of efficiency and flexibility through Microsoft Dynamics AX in the Cloud

April 11, 2013

PIPE SYSTEM is a leading company in the area of design, wholesale, and installation of pipes, water and sewerage systems. Founded in 2004, the company quickly expands its product portfolio and increases the gamut of services offered. PIPE SYSTEMS’s intense development during the years contributes to lucrative results, but also brings more complexity of operations, increase in work load and time needed to complete tasks.

In order to maintain its pilot market status, management realizes that it is indispensable for the company to improve effectiveness and to optimize business processes in accordance with the ever altering requirements of the environment. The most urgent issues were related to the lack of unified information system, as every department utilized separate software, causing discrepancies among data entered and efforts duplication.

 „We realized that our employees were operationally overloaded as the data was being entered manually by each department in their own software application. We needed automatic data flow within one unified system to optimize our resources utilization and we required one sole information source”, claims Vanya Guneva, Finance Manager at PIPE SYSTEM.

The management received a strong recommendation by a distinctive partner for the performance of MS Dynamics AX solution and being also kindly referred to benefit from the deep expertise and know-how of Intelligent Systems Bulgaria, PIPE SYSTEM chose them for deployment partner. What is more, they decided to implement the ERP system in the form of Cloud services. Through operations in the Cloud, the company rents the needed hardware and software tools through Microsoft’s flexible SPLA licensing model, allowing PIPE SYSTEM to pay only a monthly fee for actual consumption generated. In addition, that choice decreases initial investment, cuts system maintenance costs, and adds more versatility to the company in the dynamic business environment.

In due time Intelligent Systems’ experts deploy the functionalities of MS Dynamics AX: General ledger for finance operations, Accounts payable, Accounts receivable, Inventory management, Project management, Intercompany functionality, and CRM. They develop a range of additional applications among which are Materials resource planning (MRP), Support for maintaining and Price-formation of construction job lists, Contracts management for investor contractors as well as sub-contractors, and many more.

Further, their deployment partner integrates the ERP system with Microsoft’s online service Office 365. In that manner PIPE SYSTEM obtains all familiar application from the standard MS Office package like Excel, Word, PowerPoint and the rest as a Cloud service.

A few months after project’s beginning one could identify multiple improvements some of which are: automatic data update throughout all divisions and quick access to information in real time, optimized sales process and enhanced price-formation, increased employee productivity, amended planning capabilities throughout all divisions and access to detailed reports and analyses, as well as option for modification of the rented resources with regards to business needs and environmental requirements.

We are elated by the deployment of Microsoft Dynamics AX at PIPE SYSTEMS and by Intelligent Systems’ efforts as it maintains and adds complementary functionalities to the ERP, aiming to most favorably satisfy our business needs. We are pleased to be working with such a reliable partner with yet extensive expertise”, comments Mrs. Guneva.

Learn more on the implementation project here.

About PIPESYSTEM (www.pipesystem.bg)

PIPESYSTEMis one of the leading companies in Bulgariaspecializing in wholesale and retail of pipes, water and sewerage systems, and provision of services related to the construction industry for water and sewerage installations. The company manages multiple sites like administrative buildings, retail stores, hotels, infrastructure projects and many more.