Orno Ltd. controls all processes with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

March 29, 2011

Orno Ltd. is a modern and rapidly growing company for FMCG trade and distribution on the Bulgarian market. The company is the official importer and distributor of popular European brands such as Ferrero, Argeta, Banini, Domacica, Noblice, Njamb,Toto, Duеl, etc.

Since its establishment, the company has always been trying to respond quickly to the dynamic challenges in the local business environment. Now Orno Ltd. has its own trade and distribution network. The company has invested in construction of two modern warehouse bases in Sofia and Plovdiv as well as in increasing the product assortment and hiring new employees. All this has deepened the complexity of the business processes and the necessity of accurate reports and analyses for the management. Orno Ltd. needed a software solution to ensure optimized sales and purchase processes, an accurate warehouse movement tracking and a real time access to important information about inventory, customers, orders, price conditions, etc.

After a period of intensive research for a suitable management system, Orno Ltd. invested in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and the special mobile application NAVmobile, designed to respond to the needs of the company’s mobile employees.

Only a few months were needed to implement the modules Sales, Purchase, Warehouse, and Financial management. Intelligent Systems developed several additional features to meet the specific needs and requirements of Orno. Some of the new functionalities are related to automatic tracking by lot and transfer orders and special discounts and promotions to customers and vendors according to the corporate pricing policy.

The implemented mobile solution NAVmobile is fully integrated with the ERP system, which ensures a real time access to detail information related to orders, inventory, purchases, prices, discounts, charges and many others. NAVmobile also provides opportunities for remote registration of customers, customer visits, sales orders, and invoices.

A few months later, Orno Ltd. already discovers the benefits of using an integrated business solution. The company has integrated and optimized all business processes to help employees in their daily activities. Microsoft Dynamics NAV also gives the management all the reports and analyses needed. With NAVmobile, the salesmen and warehouse employees work faster and more productive, responding accurately to all customer requests.

About Orno Ltd.

Orno Ltd. is founded in the beginning of 2009 in Sofia. The company has offices in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, and Bourgas and two modern warehouse bases and its own car fleet, ensuring all deliveries throughout Bulgaria. Directly or through its distributor network, Orno Ltd. is a partner of more than 3 000 retail chains in Bulgaria – supermarkets, regional chains, and individual stores.