Office 1 Superstore in the biggest implementation project of Microsoft Dynamics NAV in the retail sector in Bulgaria

January 11, 2011

On January, 25th 2011, in Grand Hotel Sofia was held a press conference for the start of the biggest implementation project of the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics NAV in Bulgaria. The project will be released in Office 1 Superstore by Intelligent Systems Bulgaria – the local Microsoft Dynamics partner leader.
The project will integrate all the processes in the more than 180 stores of Office 1 Superstore and the local head office. The deployment will be delivered in two key phases. During the first one the ERP system will be implemented in the head office and the all company’s stores. The end date of this phase is in the middle of August 2011 when more than 300 parallel users will use the system. The second phase includes developing of integration with external software applications such as Business Intelligence systems, GPS and access control systems, mobile applications and etc. The second phase is planned to be delivered by the end of 2011.

On the official conference Mrs. Elka Kamenova, President of the Board of Directors at Panda Cooperation said: “Among the most important and required benefits and reasons for implementing  an integrated business management system are better and faster customer service; flexible opportunities for attractive promotions and loyalty schemes; an effective communication; increasing sales and profit of the company; optimizing of the costs; better control over the business; reporting and analyzing tools… After a detail research of the ERP systems on the market and according to our business requirements and needs, we chose Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The next step was to select a system integrator who has a relevant experience in the sector. We chose Intelligent Systems Bulgaria due to the Microsoft recommendation and the references we got from many of their customers.”

On a journalist’s question: „Actually, why did you chose Microsoft Dynamics NAV?”, Mrs. Kamenova said “We chose Microsoft Dynamics NAV because it is an end-to-end solution  which integrates all processes from POS terminals, through telemarketing and sales to the full business analysis by the detail reports. The solution is the most appropriate system according to our business. Now we are and we want to stay No. 1, so we need a number 1 solution”.

Mr. Georgi Randelov, General Director of Microsoft Bulgaria said: “What leads us in realization of the project is not just the technology itself but how it can respond the business needs of Office 1 Superstore. The success of the project depends on achieved synergy among the technology Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the local partner Intelligent Systems Bulgaria, and the requirements of Office 1 Superstore”.

“We are glad that Office 1 Superstore chose Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Intelligent Systems Bulgaria. The project’s scope includes all the Office 1 Superstore’s units – from the POS management, through the back office to head office management. All of them are built over one business platform – Microsoft Dynamics NAV and the add-on solution LS Retail…Despite the unstable economic environment, the Bulgarian companies now put the investment in an integrated business management system in their investment plans. This means that the companies are looking for tools to develop and optimize their business and to achieve better results on the local and foreign market”, said Mr. Boyan Martinov, Sales Manager, Intelligent Systems Bulgaria.

For Office 1 Superstore

Office 1 Superstore International expanded to the Bulgarian market in 1997 through the trademark owner Panda Cooperation. During the years, it has become the leading company in office supplies and service trading. Office 1 Superstore is owner of the biggest warehouse for office supplies and products on the Balkans with over than 8 000 square meters area and more than 10 000 items. Office 1 Superstore employs more than 1 700 people in over than 180 stores in Bulgaria.