New regional seminars organized by Intelligent Systems Bulgaria

September 19, 2010

During the last month, the team of Intelligent Systems Bulgaria met representatives of leading companies from the different regions throughout Bulgaria – Rousse, Varna, Bourgas and Haskovo. The business seminars’ main discussion was about the latest trends and strategies for efficient business management.

The speakers at the seminar were leading business consultants and experts from Microsoft and Intelligent Systems Bulgaria. They presented software instruments for effective company management with stress on ERP, CRM and BI systems as business tools which can optimize processes, reduce costs, contribute to a smoother pass through the tough economic conditions and better business performance. There was also made an interactive demonstration of successful management practices from the management models of some of the world’s largest companies.

At the events attended representatives of leading companies from different industries who had the chance to discuss specific business strategies and trends with the speakers. The situation in the local business environment and its opportunities for improvement were also discussed, especially in traditionally economic-active regions such as Rousse, Varna, Bourgas and Haskovo.

At the seminars attended also some of the customers of Intelligent Systems Bulgaria who shared their impressions of the Microsoft Dynamics systems, as well as some of the most successful practices used in their business after the implementation of an integrated business management solution.

During the business cocktail after the seminar, guests and speakers discussed in details more specific features and benefits which ERP, CRM and BI systems can provide to the business.