Microsoft Inspire 2022: Key Takeaways

August 10, 2022

Microsoft Inspire 2022 conference edition featured the latest company developments in mid-July. The event was held online for the third time since its launch, leading to higher attendance of people eager to learn about Microsoft’s latest trends. The article below sheds more light on the latest news announced during the event.

Digital Contact Center Platform

Microsoft initially used the term “contact center” for Dynamics 365 Customer Service in November 2021. During the conference, Microsoft introduced the Digital Contact Center Platform, a collaboration with Nuance, Dynamics 365, Power Platform, Teams, and Azure. Nuance is a pioneer and leader in the development of speech recognition and artificial intelligence software, in the healthcare industry, and customer engagement solutions. It enables agents to provide clients with improved service by integrating the relevant information, resources, and insights directly into the workflow. For quick solution facilitation, it offers intelligent recommendations for the next-best response and sentiment analysis. As a result, the solutions establish a feedback loop that allows automated solutions to develop and improve over time.

“Make hybrid work work” 

Microsoft pledges to accommodate the changing demands of hybrid work. Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365 have recently introduced new features and tools that enable users to get involved whenever and wherever they are working on projects. Excel Live enables group workbook collaboration within the Teams meeting window. Collaborative annotations via Microsoft Whiteboard enable attendees to draw, text or respond to shared meeting content.

New Azure capabilities 

The number of businesses moving to the cloud has increased significantly during COVID-19. Data security, employee flexibility, adoption of cutting-edge technologies, and software enhancements are the main advantages businesses consider when switching to the cloud. Azure is a crucial component of Microsoft’s digital imperative of integrating technology, allowing companies to achieve more with less. To modernize the workforce, migration to Azure is essential. For this reason, Microsoft is concentrating on establishing a multi-cloud, multi-edge architecture to enable this innovation.  

Among the various Azure announcements, Microsoft announced a plan to create ten more data center locations over the next year, encompassing ten regions across four continents. As a result, faster access and better data residency will attract more businesses moving to the cloud. 

Introducing Microsoft Cloud for Sovereignty 

Data security in all sectors is something Microsoft is striving to achieve. During this event, it has been introduced Microsoft Cloud for Sovereignty, developed on the Microsoft public cloud. It aims to expedite the digital transformation of governments and meet their security needs. By the end of 2022, Microsoft is going to establish an EU Data Boundary, enabling users to store and process all data inside the EU. The power of the public cloud will be available to government organizations, addressing low-cost, agility, and scale expectations with a full range of new capabilities. Furthermore, customers of Microsoft Cloud for Sovereignty will continue to access Microsoft’s global security signals to protect against breaches and attacks. 

For more information, watch selected sessions from the Microsoft Inspire 2022 conference

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