Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.1 becomes Microsoft Dynamics NAV 6.0

April 30, 2008

Nobody ever wants to miss a commitment that they make, and with the move of the delivery date of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 6.0 from H1 to H2 of 2008, that is the exact thing that happened.  This reality is very disappointing for all of us, and definitely not what we hoped for, but I have to say that I am as excited as I have ever been about the product we are building and I am confident that you will find that the product will definitely be worth the additional wait’, with this statement Darren Laybourn, prior General Manager of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics Mobile and now General Manager of the Outlook Mobile team at Microsoft explained the delay of the new Microsoft DynamicsTM NAV version.

There are several reasons for not releasing the new version in H1 of 2008: the new 3-tier model needs a close monitoring of the performance that leads to many adjustments to the design to increase the performance and the simplicity of the install; a huge commitment has been made to get more feedback on this release before shipping. The code will be provided much earlier in the release cycle in order to maximize the feedback that can be received and processed.

With the next version of Microsoft DynamicsTM NAV incredible leaps forward on the user experience and technology platform of the product are made. It is important that the market, partners and customers understand the magnitude of the advance, thus the code name for this version has been updated from 5.1 to “6.0”. The main advantages of the new version include:

  • The product has been moved from a two-tier to a three-tier architecture which dramatically increases the integration opportunities for customers
  • We have added support for web services across the board and customers will be able to leverage the open interface from multiple applications in their organizations
  • The reporting story is transitioned to Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services and the incredible richness that it provides for users to gain more insight into their business
  • There is a deep integration with Office SharePoint Services making it even easier to get more people in an organization working with your business system
  • A major upgrade to a new Role Tailored User Experience was made that, according to the Microsoft research, all customers will highly appreciate.

All this is being accomplished while at the same time ensuring that customer and partner investments are preserved.

Microsoft will try to release the new version of Microsoft Dynamics TM NAV 6.0 on the market until the end of 2008. There will be new countries on which market Microsoft Dynamics TM NAV 6.0 will also be delivered. The official delivery date for Bulgaria is expected to be in the middle of 2009.

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