Microsoft Dynamics CRM in action

July 14, 2010

This week Intelligent Systems Bulgaria hosted an online seminar – “Microsoft Dynamics CRM in action”. The webinar was specially for all the companies which have registered for the free demo version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and selected Intelligent Systems for their partner. During the seminar the participants had an opportunity to see live the Microsoft Dynamics CRM benefits – user-friendly and intuitive interface, simple to learn and accessible, easy modification of the CRM solution to the specific needs of the company. The various features of the CRM solution in managing business processes related to marketing, sales and customer services were also demonstrated. The reporting and the simplified process of making standard and personalized reports and analyses were also presented during the webinar.

At the end, the participants had the opportunity to share their impressions of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM and to ask specific questions to Intelligent Systems’ experts. This seminar is only the beginning of a series of seminars on interesting topics that Intelligent Systems Bulgaria will be organizing in future.

If you would like to get a free copy of the recorded webinar “Microsoft Dynamics CRM in action”, you can contact us on [email protected] or +359 2/8173366

About Click-Try-Buy

The Click-Try-Buy campaign, which Microsoft Bulgaria started at the beginning of the year, provides a free online demo version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to everyone, who wants to register. The users can immediately start working with the application by entering real data and processes from the relevant company. After the trial period, the companies which want to continue using Microsoft Dynamics CRM can do it as Software-as-a-Service /SaaS/ or by license purchasing as in both ways all the entries will be transferred. Conducting such a campaign in the USA and the Western Europe countries achieved great success. The number of the registered users in Bulgaria shows that Click-Try-Buy campaign has gain a significant interest among the Bulgarian companies as well.