Microsoft Dynamics at the biggest partner event – Microsoft World Partner Conference 2012

July 16, 2012

From 8 to 12 July this year, Toronto, Canada, was a host of one of the biggest annual events organized by Microsoft – World Partner Conference 2012. Over 16 000 partners attended on site, and more than 20 000 participated online. The main purpose of the conference was to introduce the partner network with the Microsoft’s development directions and present and future projects.

Special attention was put on Microsoft Dynamics, as well. In the second day of the event Kirill Tatarinov, President of Microsoft Business Solutions Division, outlined the main points of the company’s business products. He also thanked all 3000 Microsoft Dynamics partners who were in the hall for their contribution to the success of these solutions. Due to their professionalism, competence, and the verticals that they have developed, all specific needs of different industries are met. That’s why, next year Microsoft will invest more in its partners with the help of educational materials, meetings and training programs.

Mr Tatarinov also presented the novelties around Microsoft Dynamics. “In the last three years, we’ve made this incredible transition from being mid market provider to being an enterprise provider … And so now we have the solution that is ready to the entire world, no matter the size of the organization.” said Tatarinov.

In addition, he mentioned the success of every single product from the series and stated that they all change the way IT technologies help managing processes and transform companies into Dynamic Businesses. In 2013 each product will be renovate with new functionalities, business practices, and licensing models.

The product presentation comprised a practical demonstration of the innovations in Microsoft Dynamics. Incarnation into three different positions – a business analyst, an accountant and a project manager – revealed the great benefits of the role-based user interface and its ability for detailed personalization. The three scenarios were played out in three different ways for access to the cooperative information system – via a web browser, a smartphone and a tablet. The distant access via variety of devices lets employees work with important data in real-time – the first step of critical decisions making and effective business management processes.

You can find more information and a complete record of the main sessions of the event on the official site of World Partner Conference 2012 here.