Maximize efficiency in meat and dairy processing through advanced manufacturing solutions

June 27, 2023

The meat and dairy industry have to cope with various challenges in managing its production processes and environmental impact. These challenges include dealing with the fluctuation and quality of raw materials, ensuring optimal yield and efficiency, and reducing costs and waste. To address these challenges effectively, companies require a reliable and adaptable software solution that can adapt to the complexity and unique requirements of their operations.

Intelligent Systems software solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can help meat and dairy producers achieve optimal results in product assortment planning, cost reduction, and quality control management. With a core focus on meeting industry needs, the software solution aims to provide company-wide visibility and address the complex daily That includes handling the diverse variations in incoming raw materials, managing lengthy processing, and optimizing yield management for both variable or fixed-weight products and make process planning decisions seamless.

In addition to the software solution, Intelligent Systems team has developed applications to make companies precisely track some of the most difficult processes in the industry. Disassembly helps processors effectively forecast raw production values, wastage, and profit, as well as set simulations of specific production operations and create detailed action planning. Capacity Cost Revaluation provides a competent cost revaluation per production quantity and ensures precise planning, effective change, and cost management.

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