Intelligent Systems – part of Cloud Forum Bulgaria 2016

April 21, 2016

On April 14, 2016 in Capital Fort in the city of Sofia, a specialized forum for cloud technologies was held. It gathered together leading companies of the IT sectors for a discussion about the new tendencies and capabilities of the Cloud.

The MEP of the European People’s Party, Eva Paunova, took part with a special videoaddress, as well as Anna-Marie Vilamovska, Secretary for Healthcare Policy Innovation and Policy to the President of the Republic of Bulgaria, and Atanas Temelkov, Deputy Executive Director of Executive Agency Electronic Communication Networks and Information Systems.

Intelligent Systems received invitation and joined the forum in its capacity of an expert on corporate business solutions, owing to our long experience with various customers in Cloud environment.

At the event our colleague Delyan Kapitanov presented the idea of Cloud Transformation of the business and expanded on several stories of the successful “transition to the Cloud” of our customers. During the discussion in the first panel of the forum there were also discussed the challenges which today’s companies face on their way to utilizing cloud services in various areas of their activity.

Intelligent Systems has been providing professional cloud services to companies in Bulgaria for several years. A proven leader for the solutions Microsoft Dynamics, the company carried out the first such installation in private Cloud as far ago as 2012. Today, we have specialized and optimized the process of migration of the business applications in the Cloud by preparing an individual integration and migration plan.

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