Intelligent Systems’ “Overachievers”

July 23, 2015

„We have always strived to build a team of ambitious people with innovative thinking. Our satisfaction grows with the realization that we have actually succeeded in accomplishing that,” says the CEO of Intelligent Systems, Kalin Tzvetanov.

2015 promises to be a special year for Intelligent Systems’ team. Three of our colleagues provided more sources of pride beside the achievements of the company.

The student of Applied Mathematics at the Technical University of Sofia, Martin Rachev, participated during his school years in national and international math competitions and Math Olympiads, winning tens of medals and prizes. He has carried out two scientific researches in the field of Cryptography and encryption, which were presented on international scientific conferences and published in the journal of the American Institute of Physics. In the academic year 2014/2015, Martin was awarded scholarship from the Evrika Foundation and Huawei Technologies due to his achievements in the field of Mathematics. In March 2015, he was invited by Huawei to attend training in China, part of their international program for talented students “Telecom seeds for the future“.

In May, Borislav, the youngest member of our team, won NASA’s prestigious competition – Space Apps Challenge 2015. He, together with his fellow project members, most of whom students in Computer Systems and Technologies at the Technical University of Sofia, developed “Valkyrie”. This is the name they gave to their “smart” glove which represents a new approach in the technologies of voice and gesture recognition. Valkyrie connects to a smartphone or a computer and it is applicable in various fields. The glove could be used to control electronic devices, play games, or measure vital signs. The project won in the Best Use of Hardware category, having competed with over 1,500 projects of teams from all over the world. Borislav and his fellow project members will have the unique opportunity to witness the launch of NASA’s next shuttle.

One of the most cheerful ladies in the team, Sindi, once again proved that programming is not a male domain. This year she graduated from the American University in Bulgaria, where she studied Computer Science and Information Systems. Due to her excellent performance during the program and her participation in the organization and execution of various projects, Sindi was awarded the Google Anita Borg Scholarship for 2015. Designed to support the education and the involvement of women in computer science, this scholarship will allow Sindi to obtain a master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Amsterdam – a long-lasting interest of hers.

“We have always supported and encouraged our employees in all aspects of their development. It is an honor to work with these people since they contribute handsomely to the team and the image of the company,” adds Kalin.

The entire team of Intelligent Systems congratulates Sindi, Martin and Borislav on their achievements and wishes them much inspiration, confidence, and ambition to always rank first in everything they do. We are proud of you!