Intelligent Systems met leading companies from different regions in Bulgaria

April 01, 2010

During the campaign launched by Intelligent Systems at the end of 2009, on March 30th and 31st, the company’s team visited two of the other big cities in the country – Plovdiv and Stara Zagora. These cities were chosen because of the developing and expanding business potential of the companies there and welfare of the regional economy as a whole. The meetings were again under the motto “Unleash your business potential” and presented the main features and functionalities of the ERP and CRM systems today.

The opening was made by Ivo Dreshkov, Partner Manager Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Bulgaria, which outlined the main features of the business solutions and presented Intelligent Systems as the leading Microsoft Dynamics partner in Bulgaria.

On these meetings were also invited some of our clients in the regions who shared their impressions of working with Microsoft Dynamics with the other guests.

Nesrin Derelieva, Project Manager, Electro Plus: “When we still had not seen other ERP solutions, we thought that Microsoft Dynamics NAV is too complex system. When we become familiar with the competing ERP solutions, however, we realized that Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the system for us – it was flexible enough to adjust properly to our business processes. … We reduced our inventory by 25%, we plan and order our purchases effectively so we can deliver goods on time. The work of the employees in financial department has been automated, and now they can focus on more important tasks. A great advantage of Microsoft Dynamics NAV are the reports each employee can produce according to his role and the information he or she needs.”

In Stara Zagora was invited a representative of one of the oldest carpet manufacturers in Bulgaria – Decotex. “After nearly 1 century of existence Decotex decided to implement an ERP system in order to optimize its business processes and increase its competitiveness. We decided on Microsoft Dynamics NAV as the system met our initial requirements and the offer we got was really attractive. We chose Intelligent Systems as our partner in this project and I believe we’ve made the right decision. In the implementation process, we found many problems in our work which we’ve managed to solve with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This system provides opportunities for growth and effective company development”, said Minko Pindev, Project Manager, Decotex.